Centrifugal Motion

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  • Год:2012

June 2, 1985 the wide-open desert is on hold, Talon is racing in his hometown of Price in closed-course Motocross. He currently holds the number one position in the State of Utah. It is another race to feed his appetite for racing and leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that he is a champion. Next weekend he"ll race in Salt Lake City where he’ll take the number one spot, then wrap it all up by signing a Sponsorship to ride for the infamous Malcolm Smith. It"s a dream he"s nurtured. His hard labor and dedication to detail are finally coming to fruition. The heavy grey clouds that blanket the world above have already drowned the track once earlier this morning. Now they’re threatening to do it again. Talon doesn"t have time to worry about the weather. He suits up donning his win from last week"s Cherry Creek Desert Race: high-tech upper body armor. He pulls on his boots and straps on his helmet. Starting his bike takes but a second. The orange Yamaha’s YZ80 engine revs and the throttle falls from his tingling fingers. To Talon, it is barely more than a muffled buzz. He mounts the seat. It’s time for business. He lets the gritty breeze sweep away most of the fuel stink from the caustic engines that are today"s wannabe challengers. He calculates how many of the vehicles in the parking lot will be hauling back trumped up rider/bike duos that will place behind him and the end of the race. Betting it will be all of them, he pulls up to the starting line. The flag falls and Talon leaves the starting line. He lets a slow smile spread across his face. Not one of grim humor or malice, but of absolute, unadulterated joy. His day is going to be very, very good. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Centrifugal Motion (Julee Morrison)

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