"Helpmate Unto Him"

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This book in Hebrew (with 4 contributions in English) presents case histories that describe the effective interventions of cotherapists and brief interventions of consultants, that succeeded to free therapists and patients from treatment impasses, by working together in a dialectical cotherapy approach. In this approach, the cotherapists, from the beginning of therapy until its successful conclusion, present contrasting views, attitudes and stances toward the patient(s), as one is confronting and challenging while his partner is supportive and encouraging. In the foreword, the theoretical underpinnings of this approach is explained and its advantages in treating especially difficult patients - individuals, couples and families are presented. The treatment cases described include mutism, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and behavioral disorder amongst others, where the patients displayed considerable resistance to treatment. In addition, five articles are presented that describe non-conventional therapeutic views and approaches. An added bonus to the book are the four articles in English in the appendix which discuss interesting and controversial issues regarding psychotherapy and Judaism, such as Rabbi Haim Rapaport"s article on "Judaism an Homosexuality". --- "I find that the concept of cotherapy that the author presents is a very interesting approach to create therapeutic momentum. Besides being dialectic, it also delivers a paradoxical message." (Nick Cummings, Ph. D., Former president of the American Psychological Association. Author of "Focused Psychotherapy") --- "It is amazing how much can be made out of such a parsimonious technique (dialectical psychotherapy). So simple and so useful." (Haim Omer, Ph. D., Professor of Psychology, Tel-Aviv University.Author of "Critical Interventions in Psychotherapy") --- "This volume is a pleasurable and easy read. Any practicing therapist will find themselves challenged to think of their own cases in new ways as they read the rich case material and the accompanying clinical rationale presented." (Moses Preiser, Ph.D., Former Director of Psychological Services, Kings County Hospital Center, Brooklyn, New York) --- Seymour Hoffman, Ph. D., is a senior clinical psychologist who worked in a variety of mental health facilities in the United States and Israel for over half a century and has published papers and books on psychotherapy in Hebrew and English. He presently works as a supervising psychologist in "Chiba" Community Mental Health Clinic, Ma"yenei Hayeshua Medical Center in Bnei Brak. He authored, "Two Are Better Than One": Case Studies of Brief Effective Therapy", (2011) and co-edited, "Case Studies of Unorthodox Therapy of Orthodox Patients", (2012) with Dr. Benni Feldman, which were published by Golden Sky Books. --- Benni Feldman, Ph.D, is a supervisor in clinical and medical psychology and in family psychotherapy and is certified in hypnosis. He is the director of the psychological services at Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot and teaches family therapy and medical psychotherapy, in the M. A. curriculum at Tel-Aviv-Yaffo Academic College. He lectures on Jewish psychology at the Hebrew University, Social Work Graduate Program and at Beit Morasha College and also serves as chairperson of the professional committee for medical psychology. Обо всём этом и не только в книге "Helpmate Unto Him" (Seymour Hoffman)

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