Necrophilia Variations

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Necrophilia Variations, Supervert


ISBN: 9780970497116

Год: 2005

«Art, to me, was a research laboratory, a place to investigate ideas without regard to their real-world consequences.»

NECROPHILIA VARIATIONS is a literary monograph on the erotic attraction to corpses and death. It consists of a series of texts that, like musical phrases, take up the theme and advance it by means of repetition, contrast, and variation.Written in a style that ranges from the lugubrious to the ludicrous--from purple prose to black humor--NECROPHILIA VARIATIONS uses literary means to probe the psychopathology of sexual perversion. Eros, the book asks, is naturally drawn to beauty, and yet nothing would seem to be less inherently beautiful than a cadaver. How is it that a necrophile ends up confusing the two, discovering beauty in what most people would find repugnant? How does he come to desire that which would seem to be intrinsically undesirable? If you have ever contemplated the curious points of contact between eros and thanatos, then Necrophilia Variations will be sure to delight you with its depictions of death, desire, and deviance. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Necrophilia Variations (Supervert)

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    «Art, to me, was a research laboratory, a place to investigate ideas without regard to their real-world consequences.»

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    «“You’re confusing ethics and aesthetics,” I said. “You wouldn’t criticize a good Samaritan for being ugly. Why criticize an artist for being immoral?”»

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