Geldof in Africa

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  • ISBN:0099497964
  • Год:2007

A unique portrait of an extraordinary and beautiful land, now in paperback.

Drenched in sun, pounded by heat, Africa is a continent like no other. Within it are deserts of rolling sands, tropical jungles, savannas with exotic wild beasts, and coasts teeming with fish. Africa is home to more people, cultures and languages than any other place on the planet. It is indeed one of earth’s jewels.

Bob Geldof first visited Africa in 1984 and was touched to the heart by the deplorable living conditions on that continent. That same year he initiated Band Aid, a record whose sole proceeds went to help victims of famine in Africa. The following year, he organized the first Live Aid concert, which raised $180,000. Live Aid went on to inspire a whole generation to raise millions for the starving in Africa.

Over twenty years later, Geldof’s passion for what he calls the Luminous Continent remains undiminished. He travelled there once more and recorded his reflections in a personal diary. This is his diary, unflinchingly honest and illustrated with over 350 of his own magnificent photographs. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Geldof in Africa (Bob Geldof)

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Geldof In Africa
Geldof In Africa
  • Издательство:Gardners Books
  • Год:2020
  • ISBN:9781446471760

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