Doing Your Business

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  • Год:2010

"Doing Your Business is a comprehensive guide that provides step-by-step directionsfor owning a business. It uses the personal approach to solving the many problems that canconfront owners as they travel along the road of satisfying market demands and operationalefficiency. It emphasizes that all business owners are not experienced in the techniques ofsupervision or the skills of management. As such, this nature is shared by many small “Momand Pop” stores, Dot.coms, light industries, or service entities. Through its pages, readers will find guidance about when consultants should be hired andwhen the owner may do his or her own consulting to save the costs of outsourcing. Griffith cutsthrough the maze of getting equipment for a business and reveals how shortcuts may be madeto encourage employee participation in finding better ways of doing business. Also discussed areprocedures, and many of the prime policies are listed for their inclusion within a company policymanual. Lastly, an outline is given on how an owner may personally rate the business and howhe or she may get feedback from the customers. Richly layered and informative, Doing Your Business talks about how to organize anybusiness and how to measure progress while looking at employee needs and training." Обо всём этом и не только в книге Doing Your Business (F. Ravenel Griffith)

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