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Practical Project Management with Microsoft Project 2016

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Learn how to manage projects of any size with Microsoft Project 2016. Whether you’re new to project management and Microsoft Project, or looking to expand your skills, this clear and engaging book guides you through Project’s features step by step. You can jump directly to the topics you need. Or...

QuickBooks 2013: The Missing Manual: The Official Intuit Guide to QuickBooks 2013


В 1 магазине по цене 4486

Your bookkeeping workflow will be smoother and faster with QuickBooks 2013a??but only if you spend more time using the program than figuring out how it works. This Missing Manual, which is the Official Intuit Guide to QuickBooks 2013, puts you in control: Youa??ll not only find out how and when to...

Successful Project Management: Applying Best Practices and Real-World Techniques with Microsoft Project: Applying Best Practices, Proven Methods, and ... with Microsoft Project


В 1 магазине по цене 4196

Learn best practices and proven methods from project management professionalsa??and apply these skills as you work with MicrosoftA® Project. In this practical guide, project management expert Bonnie Biafore shows you how to manage projects efficiently and effectively, sharing the real-world...

Personal Investing

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Your financial goals probably include a comfortable retirement, paying for your kids'; college education, and long-term healthcare. But you can';t reach those goals by putting your money in a savings account. You need to invest it so it grows over time. Three seasoned personal finance experts show...

Quicken 2009: The Missing Manual


В 1 магазине по цене 1965

Quicken is a convenient way to keep track of personal finances, but many people are unaware of Quicken"s power and end up using only the basic features. Sometimes Quicken raises more questions than it answers: Return of capital from stock? Net worth? What are they and why do you need to know...

The Microsoft Project Management Toolkit: Microsoft Office Project 2003 Step by Step and On Time! On Track! On Target! (Bpg -- Other)


В 1 магазине по цене 5446

Learn how to be a successful project manager. These two books help teach the essential skills for leading any project, as well as techniques for using Microsoft Office Project 2003. Includes two companion CDs with practice files, templates, and more.

Quicken 2006 for Starters: The Missing Manual (Missing Manual)


В 1 магазине по цене 1673

Intuit"s Quicken is one of today"s most popular and convenient ways to keep track of personal finances, and Quicken 2006 For Starters: The Missing Manual for Windows is the indispensable guide to using the program to simplify your finances and make the most of your money. Whether...

Online Investing Hacks

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For the geek who's an investor, and the investor who's a geek, we present Online Investing Hacks, 100 industrial-strength, bleeding edge tips, tools and techniques for analyzing and managing online portfolios. Individual investors have become more computer-literate and...

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