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Quality Assurance of Selected Sudanese Medicinal plants


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Medicinal plants are important in health and economic component of the floras in developed as well as developing countries. Increasing world-wide interest in herbal remedies, expanding reliance of local health care on traditional remedies, and a renewed interest in the development of...

Unconventional Oxide Glass


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A special sub-set of oxide glasses is called Unconventional Oxide Glass. These oxides do not form glasses alone but can do so in binary or multicomponent mixtures with other oxides such as vanadium oxide, lead oxide, bismuth oxide and some others. The importance of such glasses is found in their...

On the Multi Fuzzy Fractal Space


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A new fuzzy metric space are introduced in this work. It is used to construct the fuzzy fractal space. Its properties in term of their completeness are studied to ensure the existence of a fixed point for the family of continuous mappings. These mappings have proved to satisfy some generalizations...

Design and optimization of 150 m higher wind monitoring tower

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To create a clean energy environment for the future found to be as one of the great challenges of our time. However, there are multiple challenges associated with extending the currently used 262-ft (80-m) tall tubular steel towers to greater elevations. In order to locate a 150m wind monitoring...

Mathematical and Numerical computation with Maple

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Mathematical and Numerical computation with Maple is a complete course for the students who are new and beginners in computational and numerical methods with Maple. During this course, the student will be able to use Maple, step by step. We will focus on computational and numerical methods in Maple...

Performance of Charm Baryons in ITS under Angular Correlation

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Charm Baryons via the P b − P b collision has been studied at 2.73 T eV energy. In this collison the more prominent decay channel Λ+ c → K− +P +π + has been studied. This study was done considering the Inner Tracking System (ITS) of the A Large Ion Collider Experiment (ALICE) in Geneva, Switzerland...

View on Materials Composite

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Nanotechnologies have many possible applications in areas such as advanced materials and nanocomposites. Nanotubes represent one of the research directions within the context of nanotechnology to advance development in this designated horizontal sector. The similarity of the chemical character of...

Object Detection and Tracking using Dynamic Image Processing

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This book illustrates object detection and tracking technology. It encompasses a variety of problems such as noise in images, cluttered-background, complex object motion, partial or full occlusions, illumination changes as well as real-time processing requirements. These problems are studied by...

Marine Anticancer Drugs


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Marine derived fungi have shown in recent years to produce a plethora of new bioactive secondary metabolites with biological activities mainly focused in the areas of antibiotic and anticancer properties.There lies immense scope of exploring marine fungus to obtain antitumor leads and drugs. In...

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