Купить First Certificate Avenues. Revised Edition Workbook, David Foll, Kelly Anne

First Certificate Avenues prepares upper-intermediate level learners thoroughly for all five papers of the Cambridge First Certificate in English examination. The course has a carefully designed syllabus which balances the demands of the exam with the needs of the learner, providing:

- thorough grammar coverage;
- integrated vocabulary learning;
- explicit exam training;
- systematic skills development;
- built-in revision and recycling;
- wide-ranging topic areas with an international focus.

The Workbook was specially written for the 1996 revised specifications of the FCE exam. It provides practice and consolidation of language for learners to use on a self-study basis or in the classroom. It focuses on the grammar, vocabulary and skills work covered in the Coursebook, and gives further experience of the exam exercise types.

The Workbook Cassette contains all the recorded material for the listening and pronunciation exercises, as well as examples or models for the speaking exercises.

A full answer key and the texts of the recorded material are included, making the Workbook an ideal resource for individual study.

The course consists of:

- Coursebook;
- Teacher"s Book;
- Set of two Class Cassettes;
- Workbook;
- Workbook with Answers;
- Workbook Cassette.

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