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Soon after the release of Apple"s first iPad, the business world discovered that the popular device, beyond being simply a new, fun, mobile platform for games, e-books, media, and the like, was also a powerful and welcome ally in the workplace. The first edition of TAKE YOUR IPAD TO WORK explored the many ways in which iPads were being put to use on the job and showed readers how to bring the device into their own workflow. Now, in this timely second edition, coinciding with the release of the new third-generation iPad, Brian Proffitt explains the latest updates to this revolutionary device and teaches you new ways to put the power and portability of the Apple iPad to work for you. The iPad is being deployed successfully in businesses large and small. Any enterprise that relies on fast, accurate business processes can use the iPad to quickly supply data, invoice customers, and manage vendors from a reliable, highly mobile platform. The iPad can be a content-production device as well--generating documents, spreadsheets, visuals, and compelling presentations for the workplace. This book provides one-on-one, tutorial-style instruction that will help you every step of the way, from connecting to WiFi and adding apps to communicating with colleagues, creating content, participating in online meetings, managing your online presence, tracking customers, and much more. If you"re ready to start using the iPad in your own professional environment, TAKE YOUR IPAD TO WORK, SECOND EDITION is the place to start. Показать

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