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Fun Science Fair Experiments

Lulu Press , 2016

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A useful guide for young scientists and an aid in their science fair showcases. This book offers 15 unique experiments with clear instructions, explanations and recommendations that encourage young students to challenge their mind and make the most out of their science fair experience.

The Coming American Fascism

Lulu Press , 2020

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Written in 1936 before the entry of theunited States into the second world War,the Coming American Fascism introducesa view into an often-overlooked system of politics and economics.In this book, Dennis identifies thelimitations and impossibilities of theLaissez Faire system of governance...

Emig, Emich, Amick, Emmick Supplement

Lulu Press , 2014

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This works starts with notes on the other Amick / Emmick lines in America. These lines intersect so much that I assume they are related. The work continues with notes on Revolutionary officers Colonel John Keller and General John Lacey. This is followed with tax lists for Haycock Township and...

Before The Show

Lulu Press , 2015

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Ray Cooper was just one of the many thousands of men involved in the Burma campaigns during World War Two in 1942 - 1945. Like many others he rarely spoke of his experiences in the Army. However he kept a diary during 1943 while in India as a member of a Light Artillery regiment, and in early 1944...

Escalation and Intrawar Deterrence During Limited Wars in the Middle East .Enlarged Edition

Lulu Press , 2014

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Книга "Escalation and Intrawar Deterrence During Limited Wars in the Middle East [Enlarged Edition]".A central purpose of this monograph is to reexamine two earlier conflicts for insights that may be relevant for ongoing dangers during limited wars involving nations possessing chemical or...

Young Scientist USA. Applied Science

Lulu Press , 2014

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"Young Scientist USA" is a project for young researchers from all around the world. It is a peer-reviewed open access publication that allows users to introduce their study results to the American academic community.


Lulu Press , 2016

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Niet meer wakker worden Als ik morgen niet meer wakker word dan kan men stellen dat ik geleefd heb zoals ik het wilde. Ik heb mijn weg gevolgd zoals ik meende deze te moeten volgen. Ik heb die mensen bijgestaan van wie ik dacht dat ze het nodig hadden. En ik heb elk woord ooit geschreven, ...

Journal of International Students, May-August 2018 . Volume 8 Number 2

Lulu Press , 2018

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Книга "Journal of International Students, May-August 2018 ~ Volume 8 Number 2".An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed publication, Journal of International Students is a professional journal that publishes narrative, theoretical and empirically-based research articles, study abroad...

Exam Revision Notebook

Lulu Press , 2018

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The Exam Revision Notebook is an A4 160 pages notebook for revisions and exams studies. Printed with a few study quotes and a unique layout to facilitate great note taking and facts in a way that is readily and easily accessible pre-exams.

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