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Standard Operating Procedures for Cyclic Voltammetry

Lulu Press , 2017

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This beginner';s guide to cyclic voltammetry is designed to take you from novice to competent in a week. It bypasses all the mathematical proofs that often act as barriers to learning and begins with the practical information about experimental setup which will let you immediately start collecting...

Old, Dirty Notebook

Lulu Press , 2020

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It was not trashed nor recycled. For some reason or another, it rests on top of your desk in a less than attractive appearance. Or what if it was recycled thirty or so years ago, and frequently reincarnated in many sorts of paper products? Over and over again, from then to today, yes, until it...

Speaking Worlds 4. Narratives from the Students at Manhattan Hub, Mary Mitchell, and Bronx Regional High School

Lulu Press , 2013

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Speaking Worlds 4 is the latest installment of an ambitious collaborative literacy project between three schools within New York City';s GED Plus program and Teachers College Columbia University';s Student Press Initiative (SPI). Exploring this book, you will find compelling stories from students...

Learn Japanese hiragana

Lulu Press , 2015

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Learn Japanese Hiragana is a complete and comprehensive textbook aimed at Japanese language students of all levels, as well as at anyone who is interested in Japan and its culture. It contains proper handwritten form of hiragana syllabograms, detailed etymology of each syllabogram, handwritten...

Memoirs of Juan Gomez, Florida's Last Known Pirate

Lulu Press , 2014

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This book is a copy of a transcript of a personal conversation as told verbatim by Juan Gomez toMr. Oliver H. Parker, and written down by Mr. John D. King; who accompanied him to the home of Juan Gomez for an exclusive sit down interview before his death. During Mr. Parker';s many visits with Juan...

Flying on Fabric

Lulu Press , 2014

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Since 1943, the U.S. Navy publication Naval Aviation News has carried great stories, pictures, and art about the Navy';s pioneering first pilots, airplanes, and aircraft carriers. Retired Captain B. K. Bryans has compiled these public domain works into Flying on Fabric. Flying on Fabric contains...

"Rivelar bellezza". Contributi critici sulla produzione letteraria di Lorenzo Spurio (2010-2020). Saggi, recensioni, lettere e interviste

Lulu Press , 2021

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Questo libro parla di Lorenzo Spurio, poeta, saggista, critico, entronauta, facilitatore, operatore culturale, protagonista della stagione culturale che va dal 2010 al 2020; di Lorenzo Spurio sotto la lente d';ingrandimento del gotha della critica letteraria italiana, con i premi e le motivazioni...

Vibration Analysis and Predictive Technologies in Reliability Engineering

Lulu Press , 2015

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Reliability Engineering in relationship to vibration analysis and predictive maintenance. Discussions on resonant frequencies in industrial and commercial flooring.

The Fight for the Future. How People Defeated Hollywood and Saved the Internet--For Now

Lulu Press , 2013

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Wikipedia went dark on January 18, 2012. So did thousands of other websites, including search giant Google, all to protest a controversial copyright bill called the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). The protest even helped to ignite mass demonstrations on the streets of over 250 cities in all 27...

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Sommer Matriangello
Ian Beardsley
Lonnie Bargo
John Baselmans
Isabel Boluda Molina

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Celebrate the Wins
Wage Labour and Capital
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