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На этой странице представлены популярные книги, изданные издательством Orbit. Используя сортировку, можно посмотреть самые популярные, читаемые или рецензируемые произведения, вышедшие в издательстве Orbit.

Personal Demon

Orbit , 2009

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Hope Adams inherited her Bollywood princess looks from her mother. From her demon father she inherited a hunger for chaos, and a talent for finding it. When the head of the powerful Cortez Cabal asks her to infiltrate a gang of supernaturals in Miami, Hope can"t resist the excitement. But...

Living With the Dead

Orbit , 2009

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Robyn Peltier has never done anything out of the ordinary. So when her new boss is murdered and she is named prime suspect, she finds herself way out of her depth. Only her best friend Hope Adams, and Hope"s somewhat spooky boyfriend Karl, are on her side. What Robyn doesn"t realise is...


Orbit , 2004

An epic tale of magic and mystery, duty and betrayal, Tad Williams'; Shadowmarch trilogy is destined to become a classic of modern fantasy. At the uppermost edge of the northern kingdoms, towers shrouded in mist, lies Southmarch Castle. For hundreds of years it has remained hidden from the affairs...

Rise of Empire

Orbit , 2011

A PUPPET IS CROWNED. THE TRUE HEIR REMAINS HIDDEN. A ROGUE';S SECRET COULD CHANGE EVERYTHING. War has come to Melengar and once more Royce and Hadrian are hired to make a desperate gamble and form an alliance with the Nationalists whom are fighting the Imperialists in the south. As the power of...

Heir of Novron

Orbit , 2012

A FORCED WEDDING. A DOUBLE EXECUTION. TWO THIEVES HAVE OTHER PLANS. The New Empire intends to celebrate its victory over the Nationalists with a day that will never be forgotten. On the high holiday of Wintertide, they plan to execute two traitors (Degan Gaunt and the Witch of Melengar) as well...

The Crown Tower

Orbit , 2013

A warrior with nothing to fight for is paired with a thieving assassin with nothing to lose. Together they must steal a treasure that no one can reach. The Crown Tower is the impregnable remains of the grandest fortress ever built and home to the realm’s most valuable possessions. But it isn’t gold...

The Rose and the Thorn

Orbit , 2013

TWO THIEVES WANT ANSWERS. RIYRIA IS BORN. For more than a year Royce Melborn has tried to forget Gwen DeLancy, the woman who saved him and his partner Hadrian Blackwater from certain death. Unable to get her out of his mind, the two thieves return to Medford but receive a very different...

A Memory of Light

Orbit , 2013

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And it came to pass in those days, as it had come before and would come again, that the Dark lay heavy on the land and weighed down the hearts of men, and the green things failed, and hope died. From Charal Drianaan te Calamon, The Cycle of the Dragon. In the Field of Merrilor the rulers of the...

The Girl with All the Gifts

Orbit , 2014

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THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS is a groundbreaking thriller, emotionally charged and gripping from beginning to end. Every morning, Melanie waits in her cell to be collected for class. When they come for her, Sergeant keeps his gun pointing at her while two of his people strap her into the...

Spirit's Oath

Orbit , 2012

Four years before the events of The Spirit Thief, Miranda Lyonette was a young apprentice Spiritualist on the cusp of a promising career. But on the eve of her return from bonding a wind spirit, a night that should have been a celebration, she finds instead that her father has come to take her...

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Iain M. Banks
Rachel Aaron
Brent Weeks
Karen Traviss
Jon Skovron

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Tiamats Wrath (м) Corey
The Fifth Season
The Boy on the Bridge: Discover the Word-of-Mouth Phenomenon
Blood and Tempest

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