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The Gyrfalcon

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This book is the definitive guide to the largest and most charismatic species of falcon in the world, the Gyrfalcon. With detailed information on life history characteristics, ecology, conservation issues, and much more, the book presents the most accurate, up-to-date, and complete view of this...

Wagner and the Art of the Theatre

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The production of Wagner"s operas is fiercely debated. In this groundbreaking stage history Patrick Carnegy vividly evokes the - often scandalous - great productions that have left their mark not only on our understanding of Wagner but on modern theatre as a whole. He examines the way in which...

Italian Paintings from the Richard L. Feigen Collection

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Richard L. Feigen has amassed a collection of Italian paintings that is widely admired for its depth and quality, especially for the works it features by the principal masters of the early Italian Renaissance. This beautifully illustrated catalogue of the complete collection presents rare...

The Visual World of French Theory: Figurations

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This revelatory book focuses on a remarkable series of encounters between the most prominent French philosophers of the 1960s and 1970s—Sartre, Deleuze, Bourdieu, and Foucault among them—and the artists of their times, most particularly the protagonists of the Narrative Figuration movement. Each...

Dutch Seventeenth-Century Genre Painting: Its Stylistic and Thematic Evolution

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The appealing genre paintings of great seventeenth-century Dutch artists – Vermeer, Steen, de Hooch, Dou and others – have long enjoyed tremendous popularity. This comprehensive book explores the evolution of genre painting throughout the Dutch Golden Age, beginning in the early 1600s and...

Words for Pictures: Seven Papers on Renaissance Art and Criticism

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The Italian Renaissance was a creative period for art criticism as well as for art itself. The early efforts to give verbal accounts of visual representations and their quality throw light not only on the art of the period but also on artcriticism at any time. This collection of papers by art...

Impressionist Children: Childhood, Family, and Modern Identity in French Art

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Images of children and families abound in the works of the French Impressionists, from Claude Moneta??s portraits of his young sons to Mary Cassatta??s endearing images of mother and child. In Impressionist Children, Greg M. Thomas offers new perspectives on some of the most famous paintings in art...

Why Globalization Works

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The author, a Financial Times editor, makes a conventional economist"s argument for globalization that is not likely to convince many skeptics. His faith is that growth and everything else good comes from "the market," while any problems with globalization must be the fault of...

The Holy Place: Architecture, Ideology, and History in Russia

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This book surveys two centuries of Russian history through a succession of ambitious architectural projects designed for a single construction site in central Moscow. Czars, Bolshevik rulers, and contemporary Russian leaders alike have dreamed of glorious monuments to themselves and their...

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Yevgeny Primakov
David Satter
J. E. Lendon
Yuri Stoyanov

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The Collector. The Story of Sergei Shchukin and His Lost Masterpieces
Obsession: Nudes by Klimt, Schiele, and Picasso from the Scofield Thayer Collection
Art and Violence in Early Renaissance Florence
Mary Cassatt: An American Impressionist in Paris
European Porcelain: In The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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