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Sundome, Vol. 5

Yen Press , 2009

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Hideo is determined to prove his unwavering love and devotion for Kurumi. First, when Hideo gets sick with Kurumi';s cold, she comes over to administer treatment in her own special way. The bond between Kurumi and Hideo grows stronger as he struggles to learn even an inch of her past and understand...

PandoraHearts: Volume 22

Yen Press , 2014

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Where in the world are you?
This question is posed to Oz Vessalius once more. After overcoming the chains of infinite despair that bind him, the answer at which he arrives becomes a blinding light, piercing through the jet-black darkness. As though

Black God, Vol. 1

Yen Press , 2007

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Wending his way home after a bender one evening, master moocher and game programmer Keita Ibuki decides to satisfy a craving for ramen at a noodle stand. Instead of slurping soup, though, he surrenders his meal to a manic girl who, unbeknownst to Keita, is a Mototsumitama, a guardian of the...

Black God, Vol. 2

Yen Press , 2008

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With Kuro tagging along just about everywhere, videogame programmer Keita struggles to get back to his normal life. But when another human-mototsumitama pair comes looking for a fight-one with Keita';s childhood friend, Akane, as the prize-it';s clear that our reluctant hero';s got a long way to go...

Black God, Vol. 3

Yen Press , 2008

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When he discovers that all the new faces springing up lately are not enemies but friends, Keita Ibuki receives the guidance (and the goods) from his new allies to take on the evil behind the false alter-egos that have been appearing with alarming frequency. But not only must Keita now face a new...

Black God, Vol. 4

Yen Press , 2008

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After overcoming the initial shock of seeing his dead mother in a recent photograph, Keita travels to Okinawa with Kuro and Akane. Following a reunion with his karate-master grandfather, Keita and company are led to an island where they meet twin feral Mototsumitamas. Though they';re initially...

Black God, Vol. 5

Yen Press , 2009

В 1 магазине по цене 1518

Kuro and the twins discover that the Shishigami are systematically destroying the sacred Tera-producing sites of the world, all under the cover of luxury resorts. But poor Keita is having a confusing time of dealing with this larger problem at hand thanks to the fact that he can';t get away from...

Jack Frost, Vol. 1

Yen Press , 2009

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It"s Noh-A"s first day at Amityville High School, and her reception is chilly to say the least. Brutal might be a better description! Decapitated but not dead (or is she??), Noh-A quickly realizes that nothing is as it appears at Amityville High where

K-ON!, Vol. 3

Yen Press , 2011

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As the dawn breaks on a new year, Azusa decides it';s time for the girls of the Pop Music Club to tuck away their tea and cakes. Pick up their instruments! And bring the rock ';n'; roll with another performance! But even though Afterschool Tea Time is starting to sound like a real band, Mio';s...

Maximum Ride 2

Yen Press , 2009

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Having recovered Angel, Max and the flock head to New York City to pursue a lead regarding their true identities. But where the flock goes, erasers are sure to follow! Even more troubling, though, is the voice that's begun whispering in Max's head. Is it really her destiny to save the world?

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Yana Toboso
Dall-Young Lim, Sung-Woo Park
Kyo Shirodaira, Eita Mizuno
Yukako Kabei

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A Bride's Story Vol. 1
PandoraHearts: Volume 22

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