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The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing: How to Trigger Exponential Sales Through Runaway Word of Mouth

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In our hype-infested society, honest and positive word of mouth can multiply sales explosively. But for those who think it happens by chance (as most marketers do), this book will be an eye-opener. The surprising truth is that word of mouth can beimplemented as strategically as any other form...

Virtual Humans: A Build-It-Yourself Kit, Complete With Software and Step-By-Step Instructions

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Foreword by Ray Kurzweil, author, The Age of Spiritual Machines "Virtual humans" may seem like something out of science fiction, but they are already here. Companies use them as website hosts, individuals use them as personal assistants, and people interact with them in computer games...

How to Design & Implement a Results-Oriented Variable Pay System

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A practical guide to the latest trends and newest creative options in variable pay.Variable pay systems are widely used as alternatives to traditional compensation programs. Now a recognized expert offers a timely examination of variable pay basics, the latest trends, and creative options. Readers...

Get Clients Now! A 28-Day Marketing Program for Professionals and Consultants

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Get Clients Now! A 28-Day Marketing Program for Professionals and Consultants and we do mean now. Contained within the covers of this deceptively simple paperback book is a complete marketing and sales system for professionals, consultants, and anyone who needs to market a service business. Get...

Resilience at Work: How to Succeed No Matter What Life Throws at You

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According to a recent issue of the Harvard Business Review, more than experience or training, it"s a person"s level of resilience in the face of stressful circumstances that will determine whether he succeeds or fails. Resilience at Work gives readers the courage and determination to face...

Blueprint for Corporate Governance: Strategy, Accountability, and the Preservation of Shareholder Value

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Recent events have turned the spotlight on the issue of corporate accountability - especially when it comes to protecting shareholder value. In the modern corporation, non-owners commonly manage day-to-day operations, and their decisions have a direct impact on the company"s overall value. But...

Knock Your Socks Off Selling

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Knock Your Socks Off is back! The successful formula for wowing customers has been adapted into a surefire strategy for winning sales. Written by the illustrious team of Gitomer and Zemke, this book helps salespeople succeed in today"s complex and stiffly competitive sales environment. In...

Proactive Sales Management: How to Stay Ahead of the Game Without Working Like a Dog

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All sales managers work like crazy, but few are true managers. That"s because they tend to fall back on the skills that made them great at sales... instead of adopting the new skills that will make them great managers.This essential book, which speaks their language, will turn them into...

Get Weird! 101 Innovative Ways to Make Your Company a Great Place to Work

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How can companies recruit, retain, train, motivate, and reward great employees-especially in a tight labor market? How can they win new customers and boost sales? The secret is to lighten up and get a little weird! Creativity and productivity can go hand in hand, as this chock-full-of-ideas book...

The Seeds of Innovation: Cultivating the Synergy That Fosters New Ideas

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Breakthrough innovation is a prerequisite for success in almost any organization, yet the actual management of innovation has only recently begun to receive the attention it deserves. Here, innovation thought leader Elaine Dundon offers a "how-to" prescription for building creative and...

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Dick Grote
Salvatore R. Maddi and Deborah M. Khoshaba
Greg Holden
Kenneth W. Edwards
Michael R. Solomon

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