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Arduino Internals

apress , 2011

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Arduino Internals delivers aspiring Arduino hackers from their dependence on existing Arduino implementations. Along with an incisive analysis of existing Arduino hardware and software, you';ll learn how to design your own optimized Arduino hardware, and become a designer of Arduino boards and...

Dive in python 3

Apress , 2009

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Mark Pilgrim';s Dive Into Python 3 is a hands-on guide to Python 3 (the latest version of the Python language) and its differences from Python 2. As in the original book, Dive Into Python, each chapter starts with a real, complete code sample, proceeds to pick it apart and explain the pieces, and...

Pro Git (Expert's Voice in Software Development)

Apress , 2009

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Developers need to keep their code from unintended changes. Pro Git is the version control book for all open source developers and quite a few commercial ones, regardless of whether they are hobbyists or professionals. Developed by Linus Torvalds himself, it has taken the open source world by storm...

MonoGame Mastery: Build a Multi-Platform 2D Game and Reusable Game Engine

Apress , 2020

Master the art of game creation with MonoGame—the cross-platform framework of choice for independent developers. Learn the various aspects needed to create your next game by covering MonoGame framework specifics, engine creation, graphics, patterns, and more. The MonoGame framework provides an...

Pro .NET 2.0 Windows Forms and Custom Controls in C#

Apress , 2005

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By using C# and the final beta of NET 2.0, this book covers Windows Forms and GDI+ namespaces thoroughly for the .NET programmer in 2005. Experienced author Matthew MacDonald achieves this by combining careful treatment of the API with detailed

Dive Into Python

Apress , 2004

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Python is a new and innovative scripting language. It is set to replace Perl as the programming language of choice for shell scripters, and for serious application developers who want a feature-rich, yet simple language to deploy their products.

Pro NetBeans IDE 5.5 Enterprise Edition

Apress , 2007

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Written for Java™ developers of varying skill and familiarity with the open source NetBeans™ IDE as well as Java IDEs in general, Pro NetBeans™ IDE 5.5 Enterprise Edition focuses on using NetBeans IDE as a professional Java EE 5 software development platform. Experienced author Adam Myatt...

Practical Common Lisp

Apress , 2005

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Lisp is often thought of an academic language, but it need not be. This is the first book that introduces Lisp as a language for the real world. Practical Common Lisp presents a thorough introduction to the Lisp language,

Pro Oracle Spatial

Apress , 2004

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With growing reliance on spatial components for making critical and strategic decisions, there is great incentive to maximize the added value of spatial data. Enter: Pro Oracle Spatial. This highly anticipated book examines the potential for organizations to exploit spatial information by way of...

Pro MSMQ: Microsoft Message Queue Programming

Apress , 2004

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Message Queuing provides a way for applications to communicate asynchronously, and has often been compared to e-mail, but for applications rather than people. On Windows, Message Queuing is implemented in Microsoft Message Queuing, or MSMQ. A client application can communicate with a server by...

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Mark Pilgrim
Matthew MacDonald
Peter Seibel
John Carnell, Jeff Linwood, Maciej Zawadzki
W. Jason Gilmore

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MonoGame Mastery: Build a Multi-Platform 2D Game and Reusable Game Engine
Beginning T-SQL
SQL Server 2012 Data Integration Recipes: Solutions for Integration Services and Other ETL Tools
Arduino Internals

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