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На этой странице представлены популярные книги, изданные издательством Arrow Books. Используя сортировку, можно посмотреть самые популярные, читаемые или рецензируемые произведения, вышедшие в издательстве Arrow Books.

The Last Don

Arrow Books , 2009

В 4 магазинах по цене от 489 до 673

"The Last Don" is Mario Puzo at his finest - a masterful saga of the last great American crime family, the Clericuzios, and their powerful reach into Hollywood and Las Vegas. Domenico Clericuzio is a wise and ruthless man who in his old age is determined to create a life free from...

Lust for Life

Arrow Books , 2001

В 1 магазине по цене 659

The classic fictional biography of Vincent Van Gogh. No artist was ever more ruthlessly driven by his creative urge, nor more isolated by it from most ordinary sources of human happiness, than Van Gogh. A painter of genius, his life was an incessant struggle against poverty, discouragement, madness...

The Liar

Arrow Books , 2004

В 4 магазинах по цене от 714 до 1165

""The Liar" is hilarious - page after page of the most outrageous and often filthy jokes, delicious conceits, instant, brilliant ripostes that would only occur to ordinary mortals after days of teeth-grinding lunacy". Literary Review "It"s very unfair. It took...

First Forty-Nine Stories

Arrow Books , 2004

В 3 магазинах по цене от 498 до 760

From Ernest Hemingway"s Preface: "There are many kinds of stories in this book. I hope you will find some that you like - In going where you have to go, and doing what you have to do, and seeing what you have to see, you dull and blunt the instrument you write with. But I would rather...

The Inimitable Jeeves

Arrow Books , 2008

В 2 магазинах по цене от 522 до 701

A classic collection of stories featuring some of the funniest episodes in the life of Bertie Wooster, gentleman, and Jeeves, his gentleman"s gentleman - in which Bertie"s terrifying Aunt Agatha stalks the pages, seeking whom she may devour, while Bertie"s friend Bingo Little falls...

Thank You, Jeeves

Arrow Books , 2008

В 1 магазине по цене 629

"Thank You, Jeeves" is the first novel to feature the incomparable valet Jeeves and his hapless charge Bertie Wooster - and you"ve hardly started to turn the pages when he resigns over Bertie"s dedicated but somewhat untuneful playing of the banjo. In high dudgeon, Bertie...

The Mating Season

Arrow Books , 2008

В 1 магазине по цене 522

At Deverill Hall, an idyllic Tudor manor in the picture-perfect village of King"s Deverill, impostors are in the air. The prime example is man-about-town Bertie Wooster, doing a good turn to Gussie Fink-Nottle by impersonating him while he enjoys fourteen days away from society after being...

The Tale of the Body Thief

Arrow Books , 2010

В 2 магазинах по цене от 399 до 552

The burden of immortality is weighing upon the vampire Lestat. In a desperate bid to end his everlasting life he attempts suicide by flying into the sunrise above the Gobi desert. The attempt fails but it intensifies his desire to be human again. Just as Lestat resigns himself to the body of a...

The Wilt Alternative

Arrow Books , 2004

A novel which continues the saga of Henry Wilt, an innate coward and hen-pecked husband whose escapades include a drunken (and very painful) battle with a rosebush, an all-consuming infatuation with an overseas student, and becoming an unwilling participant in an armed siege.

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Susan Lewis
P. G. Wodehouse
John Grisham
Georgette Heyer
Donna Leon

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Minecraft The Island (м) Brooks
When You See Me
The Midwife Murders
Miracle at St Andrews

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