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На этой странице представлены популярные книги, изданные издательством DK Children. Используя сортировку, можно посмотреть самые популярные, читаемые или рецензируемые произведения, вышедшие в издательстве DK Children.

How Children Lived


How Children Lived enters the lives of 16 children living in times past Can you imagine what life was like for children living long ago? How Children Lived enters the lives of 16 children living in times past: from Hori, a trainee scribe in ancient Egypt, to Jack, the son of an American drugstore...

The Met Claude Monet: He Saw the World in Brilliant Light

DK Children , 2022

Have you ever wondered exactly what your favourite artists were looking at to make them draw, sculpt, or paint the way they did? In this charming illustrated series of books to keep and collect, created in full collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art, you can see what they saw, and be...

Feel Picture Cards: Colors & Shapes

DK Children , 2014

В 1 магазине по цене 762

Perfect for helping children develop early language skills, this exciting range of interactive flash cards reinforces learning through touch.

Beware The Dark Side


В 1 магазине по цене 588

Enter the Jedi Academy and find out what it takes to be a Jedi. How do the Jedi work with the Force? What is the Jedi Code? How do the Jedi make their light sabers? All these questions-and more-will be answered in I Want to Be a Jedi.Find out all about the Dark Side and the Sith who wield power...

Star Wars, Episode III - Revenge of the Sith


В 1 магазине по цене 931

Featuring more than 60 full-color, reusable stickers, now you can relive the excitement of Star Wars: Episode III while creating your own sticker galleries of your favorite characters.

Batman Begins: The Visual Guide


В 1 магазине по цене 808

Uncovering the real story of Batman, from the events that have shaped the Dark Knight to the friends and foes who know only half the truth, Batman Begins: The Visual Guide is the ultimate book for any fans of this extraordinary hero.

You Can Draw Marvel Characters

DK Children , 2006

В 1 магазине по цене 2097

From bodies in action to computer-aided coloring, this step-by-step guide teaches budding artists everything they need to know to draw characters from the amazing universe of Marvel Comics.

Pride and Prejudice

DK Children , 2007

В 6 магазинах по цене от 241 до 519

Fall head over heels in love with Jane Austen"s most famous romance - a tale of hasty judgments, heartache, scandalous behaviour and, finally, true love. Stylish and teen-friendly, Bloomsbury Classics bring a cool, contemporary appeal to some of the most exciting books ever written. Each title...

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Здесь Вы найдете самых популярных авторов, которые когда-либо издавали свои книги в издательстве DK Children. Возможно, некоторые из этих авторов уже печатают свои книги в других издательствах.

Simon Beecroft
Dawn Sirett
Karen Wallace
J.M. Barrie, Michael Johnstone
Daniel Wallace, Ryder Windham

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The Met Claude Monet: He Saw the World in Brilliant Light
The Pop-up, Pull-out Space Book: Amazing Pop-Up Planets! Interactive Pull-Out Pages! - Энциклопедия. Космос. Книга-панорама
The Pop-Up, Pull-Out Human Body: Amazing Pop-up Skelleton and Pull-out Pages!
Star Wars Rebels: The Epic Battle: The Visual Guide
How Machines Work

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