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CRM: Redefining Customer Relationship Management (Enterprise Computing)

Digital Press , 2002

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In CRM, Jeffrey Peel defines Customer Relationship Management in a radical new way by putting communications at the center. In the past, CRM was mostly about the technology, not about the customer. In this book, Peel talks about a new ethos that is beginning to fundamentally change the way...

Windows CE Clear & Simple

Digital Press , 1999

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Windows CE Clear & Simple teaches readers how to use, customize and optimize the new generation of palm-size and handheld PCs based on Microsoft"s Windows CE operating system. Written by a topical expert who runs a very popular Windows CE Web site, this will be the first book to cover in...

Call Center Operation: Design, Operation, and Maintenance

Digital Press , 2003

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"This book is educational, easy to understand, and not only a must for call center managers, but it will help CSRs understand the significant role they play in the overall operation of a call center, and in their organization"s CRM strategies." Janet Sutherland, Senior...

Getting Started with OpenVMS System Management

Digital Press , 2003

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Getting Started with OpenVMS System Management gives new VMS system managers a jumpstart in managing this powerful and reliable operating system. Dave Miller describes the essentials of what an OpenVMS System Manager will have to manage. He defines areas of OpenVMS System Management and describes...

Oracle Database10G: Data Warehousing

Digital Press , 2004

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"Oracle Database10G: Data Warehousing" is a comprehensive guide to building a Data Warehouse using the very latest release of the Oracle database. Written by a member of the Oracle development team, who was actually involved in the design and implementation of someof these features, and...

Common LISP, Second Edition: The Language (HP Technologies)

Digital Press , 1984

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The defacto standard - a must-have for all LISP programmers.In this greatly expanded edition of the defacto standard, you"ll learn about the nearly 200 changes already made since original publication - and find out about gray areas likely tobe revised later. Written by the Vice- Chairman of...

Compaq Visual Fortran

Digital Press , 2001

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Compaq Visual Fortran: A Guide to Creating Windows Applications is the only book that shows developers how to create Windows applications using Visual Fortran software. It complements Digital Press"s successful reference, the Digital Visual Fortran Programmer"s Guide. Lawrence details...

OpenVMS Performance Management

Digital Press , 1995

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This book is intended to assist those searching for guidance in OPENVMS performance management and application design. A variety of performance related topics are discussed and guidelines are given, with examples on how to relieve specific problems. In this way, the reader can evaluate each...

Alpha Architecture Reference Manual, Third Edition (HP Technologies)

Digital Press , 1998

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Alpha Architecture Reference Manual, Third Edition is the authoritative reference on the definition of Alpha architecture. Revised by the Alpha Architecture Committee, this book contains a complete description of the common architecture required of all implementations and describes the interfaces...

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Guy Steele
Duane E. Sharp
Joginder Sethi
Lilian Hobbs, Susan Hillson, Shilpa Lawande, Pete Smith
Craig Peacock

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Oracle Database10G: Data Warehousing
Call Center Operation: Design, Operation, and Maintenance
Getting Started with OpenVMS System Management
CRM: Redefining Customer Relationship Management (Enterprise Computing)
Compaq Visual Fortran

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