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The World Crisis, 1911-1918

Free Press , 2005

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As first lord of the admiralty and minister for war and air, Churchill stood resolute at the center of international affairs. In this classic account, he dramatically details how the tides of despair and triumph flowed and ebbed as the political and military leaders of the time navigated the...

The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness

Free Press , 2004

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In the more than fifteen years since its publication, the classic The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has become an international phenomenon with over fifteen million copies sold. Tens of millions of people in business, government,

The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World

Free Press , 2007

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The book you hold in your hands is revolutionary, a groundbreaking exploration of the science of intention. It is also the first book to invite you, the reader, to take an active part in its original research. Drawing on the findings of leading scientists on human consciousness from around the...

Unconventional Success: A Fundamental Approach to Personal Investment

Free Press , 2005

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The bestselling author of Pioneering Portfolio Management, the definitive template for institutional fund management, returns with a book that shows individual investors how to manage their financial assets.In Unconventional Success, nvestment legend David F. Swensen offers incontrovertible...

Business as a Calling

Free Press , 1996

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Why do we work so hard at our jobs, day after day? Why is a job well done important to us? We know there is more to a career than money and prestige, but what exactly do we mean by "fulfillment"? These are old but important questions. They belong with some newly discovered ones: Why are...

The Future and Its Enemies: The Growing Conflict Over Creativity, Enterprise, and Progress

Free Press , 1999

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Today we have greater wealth, health, opportunity, and choice than at any time in history. Yet a chorus of intellectuals and politicians laments our current condition -- as slaves to technology, coarsened by popular culture, and insecure in the face of economic change. The future, they tell us, is...

Fit, Failure, and the Hall of Fame: How Companies Succeed or Fail

Free Press , 1994

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Miles and Snow, professors at the University of California at Berkeley and Pennsylvania State University, respectively, have a sensible, practical explanation of why some companies succeed and others fail. Success is determined by "fit," the dynamic relation and interplay between...

People, Performance, and Pay: Dynamic Compensation for Changing Organizations

Free Press , 2002

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In the rush to reengineer, implement TQM practices, form teams, and embrace other popular business strategies, most organizations have overlooked a critical component of successful change: how they pay their employees. Even though their responsibilities and corporate environments have undergone...

Whale Done! : The Power of Positive Relationships

Free Press , 2002

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What do your people at work and your spouse and kids at home have in common with a five-ton killer whale? Probably a whole lot more than you think, according to top business consultant and mega-bestselling author Ken Blanchard and his coauthors from SeaWorld. In this moving and inspirational new...

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Stephen R. Covey
David F. Swensen
Michael E. Porter
David H. Maister
David A. Aaker

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