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What Darkness Brings

В 1 магазине по цене 775

The death of a notorious London diamond merchant draws aristocratic investigator Sebastian St. Cyr and his new wife Hero into a sordid world of greed, desperation, and the occult, when the husband of Sebastian’s former lover Kat Boleyn is accused of the murder. Regency England, September 1812...

The Red Lily Crown

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April 1574, Florence, Italy. Grand Duke Cosimo I de'; Medici lies dying. The city is paralyzed with dread, for the next man to wear the red lily crown will be Prince Francesco, despotic, dangerous, and obsessed with alchemy. Chiara Nerini, the troubled daughter of an anti-Medici bookseller, sets...

The Deerslayer

В 1 магазине по цене 86

Роман "Зверобой" - первая книга пенталогии замечательного американского писателя, посвященной приключениям охотника Натаниэля Бумпо. В этом романе Купер обращается к юности героя. Двое смельчаков - Натти Бумпо по прозвищу Зверобой и Гэрри Марч по прозвищу Непоседа, - направляются к озеру...


В 1 магазине по цене 1762

Anne Elliot is a perfect catch. Born to a landed family, she';s observant and intelligent. When Anne came of age, she accepted a proposal from the ambitious officer Frederick Wentworth. Unfortunately, Wentworth';s modest means made him a poor choice for the Elliot family, and Anne was persuaded to...

Northanger Abbey

В 2 магазинах по цене от 464 до 723

Written during the same period as "Pride and Prejudice" and "Sense and Sensibility", this novel represents Jane Austen';s genius at its freshest and most enchanting. Its heroine is Catherine Morland, the mistakenly invited guest at an isolated, and quite mysterious, country...

On Golden Pond

В 1 магазине по цене 185

How long can love last and grow? One heartbeat at a time. Norman and Ethel Thayer have been married for forty-eight years that have gone by too fast. Their daughter, Chelsea, has been divorced for what seems forever and has just taken up with another new man, whose young son, Billy, is very much...

The Love You Make: An Insider's Story of the Beatles

В 1 магазине по цене 332

Here is the national bestseller that Newsday called "the most authoritative and candid look yet at the personal lives…of the oft-scrutinized group." In The Love You Make, Peter Brown, a close friend of and business manager for the band-and the best man at John and Yoko's...

An American Tragedy

В 1 магазине по цене 800

"An American Tragedy" is the story of Clyde Griffiths, who spends his life in the desperate pursuit of success. On a deeper, more profound level, it is the masterful portrayal of the society whose values both shape Clyde';s ambitions and seal his fate; it is an unsurpassed depiction of...

Pickwick Papers

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The adventures of the immortal Pickwick Club, heade by the good Mr. Pickwick himself, abetted by his faithful manservant, Sam Weller, from the basis of this, Dickens first great literary achievement.

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Peter Brown, Steven Gaines
C. S. Harris
Ernest Thompson
Теодор Драйзер
Elizabeth Loupas

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The Red Lily Crown
The Love You Make: An Insider's Story of the Beatles
What Darkness Brings
An American Tragedy
On Golden Pond

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