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The League of Nations and its Problems

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First published in 1919, these three lectures were delivered by the renowned German expert in the discipline of international law.

The Shirley Letters from California Mines in 1851-52

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A series of 23 letters written between September 1851 and November 1852 under the pen-name of Dame Shirley giving an account of life in the California gold mines which first appeared in The Pioneer magazine of 1854-55.

The Journal of Jacob Fowler

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Jacob Fowler (1765-1849) was an American surveyor whose work for the US government took him to the great plains and mountains of the far West at a time when they were inhabited only by the Native Americans and wild animals. In September 1821 he set off on an expedition from the Verdigris River in...

Psychomancy. Spirit Rappings and Table Tippings Exposed

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Charles Grafton Page (1812-68) was an American electrical experimenter and inventor, physician, patent examiner, patent advocate, and professor of chemistry. He began his career as an astute natural philosopher who developed innovative work with natural phenomena through direct observation and...

Hours of Exercise in the Alps (Illustrated Edition)

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John Tyndall FRS was a prominent 19th century physicist whose scientific research in the Alps led him to become a pioneering mountain climber. This book was first published in 1871 and is reprinted from the 1896 edition.

Superstitions of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland

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John Gregorson Campbell (1836-91) was a Scottish folklorist and Free Church minister at the Tiree and Coll parishes in Argyll. Folklore had been his primary interest since college days and he became secretary to the Ossianic Society of Glasgow University. Ill health prevented him taking up a...

All Things Are Possible

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Shestov (1866-1938) was a Russian existential philosopher known for his "Philosophy of Despair". Born in Kiev into a Jewish family he emigrated to France in 1921, fleeing the aftermath of the October Revolution, and lived in Paris until his death. This book which investigates the...

Winterslow. Essays and Characters Written There

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Winterslow is a small village in Wiltshire where Hazlitt set up home following his marriage in 1808, and this collection is subtitled "Essays and Characters Written There".

American Prisoners of the Revolution

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Caroline "Danske" Dandridge (nee Bedinger, 1854-1914) was born in Copenhagen, the daughter of America';s first ambassador to Denmark. She took up writing in the 1880s, first poetry and then gardening articles before devoting herself to works of history. Her particular interest in American...

Instincts of the Herd in Peace and War

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Trotter (1872-1939) was an English surgeon and pioneer in neurosurgery who was also known for his studies in social psychology, most notably for his concept of herd instinct. He first outlined his theory on the subject in two papers published in 1908 and ';09, before this popular work appeared in...

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Camden Pelham, Phiz
William Andrews
Charles G. Page
Nellie Bly
William Dean Howells

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The Red Reign (Illustrated Edition)
Facts and Arguments for Darwin (Illustrated Edition)
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The Journal of Jacob Fowler
Psychomancy. Spirit Rappings and Table Tippings Exposed

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