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На этой странице представлены популярные книги, изданные издательством Tellwell Talent. Используя сортировку, можно посмотреть самые популярные, читаемые или рецензируемые произведения, вышедшие в издательстве Tellwell Talent.

Responding to Our World Challenges. The Education Solution for All

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In face of the overwhelming arrival of a mass of young people on the job market and in an era characterized by the acceleration of technological progress, climate change, the advent of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), and the rise of populism, this book attempts to build the case for...

If You Look Like Me

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If You Look Like Me : is the bigger picture sorta like the outlook we sometimes fail to admit to ourselves,whether we are wrong or right.From a humanitarian standpoint,we';re the same but different in our own unique way.Facing your fears,your faults,your uncertainties and all else that weighs on...

Courage Fearless Talent. A story of spirit, character and inspiration

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This is the story of Bennett White an elite cyclist and ordinary man who struggled for success in his pursuits not finding fulfillment until he transitioned and focused his life on psychic healing. He healed the sick, mentored those at end of life and it was this unsung greatness that captured my...

Parentectomy. A narrative ethnography of 30 cases of parental alienation and what to do about it

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When parents separate and divorce, kids come last in family law. Should children';s welfare be measured in "billable hours"?   Christine Giancarlo thinks kids come first and need both parents.  Parentectomy moves us toward that goal... for the sake of the children.Based on Dr...

Philanthropic Foundations in Canada. Landscapes, Indigenous Perspectives and Pathways to Change

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This book marks a turning point in the evolution of Canada';s philanthropic landscape - a testament to new and ground-breaking knowledge that reflects a distinct Canadian foundation sector. Explore established and emerging landscapes, Indigenous perspectives on philanthropy and creative and...

Two days in the life of a boy called Te-pet. The story of the boy from Chezzetcook who broke all the windows of the school

В 1 магазине по цене 1700

Welcome to the Acadian village of Chezzetcook where anything can go wrong at any time, especially when a boy like Te-Pet is one of the villagers. The nine-year-old boy has a reputation for fighting, stealing, and telling tales, and he starts the school year off by breaking all the windows of the...

Minnie of the Maritimes

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When a young woman from a conservativecommunity gets ';in the family way'; in 1880 the options for her future are limited. The fortunate ones are sent away to give them a chance for a new life and so it is for sixteen year old Minnie. Her experiences as she travels to Montreal for the birth, to...

Minor Changes Major Results - Strategy One. Beyond Positive Thinking

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MINOR CHANGES – MAJOR RESULTS ®, is for people who want positive experiences to be their normal, without moving mountains to get there. In a how-to guide, rich with true stories, master coach Gisèle Guénard walks you through MINOR CHANGES – MAJOR RESULTS ® Strategy One: Beyond Positive Thinking...

The Paradox of the Subject

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In this academic work, Luis Marquez uncovers the paradoxical notion of the human psyche that brings about an eruptual end to the meaningless abyss of post-modernism.  By bringing together the works and thoughts of numerous great thinkers such as: Socrates, Aristotle, Baruch Spinoza, Slavoj Žižek...

In the Land of Myth. Orphean Sonnets

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This is a new collection of poems by the author of In the Twilight and his novel Purgatorio.These verses hark back to the golden dawn of a flowering Greece, to celebrate a unity of nature, to give rein to our spiritual yearnings and sense of discovery, letting the divine minstrel, Orpheus, enchant...

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Bill Kennedy
Lori-Ann Keenan
Glenn Cameron
Dr. Chihming Chiu
Peter R Elson, Sylvain A Lefèvre, Jean-Marc Fontan

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In the Land of Myth. Orphean Sonnets
A Letter to Dabjebrosato. Are You an 'Intelligent Animal' or a 'Created Human Being'? Find the Answer to This Question and You Will Find Love, Peace and Security
Could Questions Be the Answer?
Massively Multiplayer Game Programming With Unity 3d and Mirror. The Ultimate Guide to Building and Hosting Your MMOGS

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