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На этой странице представлены популярные книги, изданные издательством Tor Books. Используя сортировку, можно посмотреть самые популярные, читаемые или рецензируемые произведения, вышедшие в издательстве Tor Books.

Halo: Cryptum: Book One of the Forerunner Saga

Tor Books , 2011

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Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting is a young rebellious Forerunner. He is a Manipular, untried-yet to become part of the adult Forerunner society, where vast knowledge and duty waits. He comes from a family of Builders, the Forerunners’ highest and most politically powerful rate. It is the Builders...

Tapping the Dream Tree (Newford)

Tor Books , 2003

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Tapping the Dream Tree collects 18 stories by bestselling contemporary fantasy master Charles de Lint. One story, "The Witching Hour," is original to this volume, with a few others taken from limited-edition chapbooks; the remaining tales

Jack of Kinrowan: Jack the Giant-Killer and Drink Down the Moon

Tor Books , 1999

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"There is no better writer now than Charles de Lint at bringing out the magic in contemporary life....The best of the post-Stephen King contemporary fantasists, the one with the clearest vision of the possibilities of magic in a modern setting."--

The Onion Girl

Tor Books , 2002

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Life is truly an act of magic in Canadian author de Lint"s triumphant return to Newford, his fictitious North American city, with its fascinating blend of urban faerie and dreamworld adventures. When Jilly Coppercorn becomes a victim of a hit-and-run driver, her happy life as a popular Newford...


Tor Books , 2009

Cherie Priest';s much-anticipated steampunk debut has finally arrived in the form of a paperback original. Its plot features the sort of calibrated suspense that readers of her Four and Twenty Blackbirds would expect. Boneshaker derives its title from the Bone-Shaking Drill Engine, a device...

The Crippled God

Tor Books , 2011

The Bonehunters march for Kolanse, led by Adjunct Tavore. This woman with no gifts of magic, deemed plain, unprepossessing, displaying nothing to instill loyalty or confidence, will challenge the gods - if her own mutinous troops don';t kill her first. Her enemy, the Forkrul Assail, seek to...

The Silver Sword

Tor Books , 2007

David Zindell crafted a glorious fantasy in The Lightstone, an epic tale of good versus evil...and how far a man will go to save his world without destroying all he loves. The quest continues in The Silver Sword. On the island continent of Ea it is a dark time of chaos and war. Morjin, the evil...

Lord of the Silent Kingdom

Tor Books , 2007

Piper Hecht, born Else Tage, survived a battle with the Instrumentalities. Now he';s Captain-General of the armies fighting a crusade for Patriarch Sublime V. Intrigues swirl around the throne of the Grail Empire, as the imperial family';s enemy Anne of Menand raises money to help the perpetually...

Surrender to the Will of the Night

Tor Books , 2010

Piper Hecht’s secrets make him dangerous, but his skill and his reputation put him in danger—from his enemies, who fear what he might do, or who want revenge for what he has already done; and from his friends, who want to use his military gifts for their own purposes. His sister Heris and his...

Самые популярные авторы издательства Tor Books

Здесь Вы найдете самых популярных авторов, которые когда-либо издавали свои книги в издательстве Tor Books. Возможно, некоторые из этих авторов уже печатают свои книги в других издательствах.

Glen Cook
Charles de Lint
Steven Erikson
Richard Matheson
A. Lee Martinez

Последние новинки издательства Tor Books

Ниже представлены самые свежие книги, вышедшие в данном издательстве.

The Last Shadow
Recluce Tales
Wild Cards VIII: One-Eyed Jacks
Ball Lightning

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