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Liquid Gold: The Story Of Liquid Crystal Displays and the Creation of an Industry

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This book traces the history of liquid gold crystal display (LCD) development from simple laboratory samples to the flat, thin LCDs that have become an important part of everyday life, appearing in television screens, computers, cellular phones, as welas in other consumer products.

The Physical Foundation of Economics: An Analytical Thermodynamic Theory

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All human activities, including mental activities, are governed by physical laws and are essentially thermodynamic processes. However, current economic theories are not established on these foundations. This pioneering book seeks to develop an analytical theory of economics on the foundation of...

Differential Equations, Bifurcations, and Chaos in Economics

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Although the application of differential equations to economics is a vast and vibrant area, the subject has not been systematically studied; it is often treated as a subsidiary part of mathematical economics textbooks. This book aims to fill that void by providing a unique blend of the theory of...

Quantitative Methods For Assessing the Effects of Non-tariff Measures And Trade Facilitation

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As tariffs have fallen worldwide, the increasing importance of non-tariff policies for further trade liberalization has become widely recognized. The methods for assessing the potential effects of such liberalization have lagged significantly behind those available for analyzing tariffs. This book...

Leading In High Growth Asia: Managing Relationship For Teamwork And Change

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Confronted with rapid changes and market-place pressures, managers throughout Asia are questioning their leadership. This book will help them integrate their traditions with modern practices to forge approaches suitable for their culturesand effective for today’s global market demands. It also...

Chinese Yuan (renminbi) Derivative Products: Derivatives Products

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With the CNY revaluation perspectives, hundreds of billions of US dollars have been invested in various types of CNY-related derivative products. As a derivatives specialist with more than ten years" experience in the international financial market and with a working experience in China in the...

Readings in the Economics of the Division of Labor: The Classical Tradition (Series of Increasing Returns and Inframarginal Economics, 2) (2series of Increasing Returns and Inframa

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Study of the progressive division of labor is a burgeoning industry in economics in recent years. Classical authors, dating back as early as 500 BC, have made insightful analyses on the determinants and implications of the division of labor. Unfortunately these writings are rather scattered and not...

Fighting Terror in Cyberspace

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As became apparent after the tragic events of September 11, 2001, terrorist groups are increasingly using the Internet as a communication and propaganda tool where they can safely communicate with their affiliates, coordinate action plans, raise funds, and introduce new supporters to their...

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Guang-Zhen Sun
Editors Yongqing Li, San Ling, Harald Niederreiter, Huaxiong Wang, Chaoping Xing
Susan Long
Wei-Bin Zhang
Jimmy Chan, Reggie Kwan, Eric Wong

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