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Ancient Japan: a medieval land of stunning beauty and unspeakable brutality... In a grand bid to preserve the royal bloodline, warlord General Moroto has personally trained Yamabuki, his daughter and last surviving child, in the art of war and rulership. Not-yet seventeen years old, Yamabuki travels in the guise of an ordinary samurai, heading for the capital carrying secret dispatches in her first real-world test. However, rival factions send ninja to make sure she never gets there alive. In a lawless town Yamabuki encounters the young warlord Yoshinaka. Handsome and charismatic, he vows to regain what was taken from him by a treacherous uncle. Drawn to one another as kindred souls, Yoshinaka reveals to Yamabuki his plans to regain far more than his birthright, and invites her to join him in an ambitious power grab to conquer and rule over the entire empire. Показать

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Синдром Петрушки

«Синдром Петрушки» Дина Рубина

Я очень долго не могла подступиться к Рубиной. Походила к полке, брала книги, листала и ставила назад. Наслушавшись хвалебных отзывов, попыталась читать «На солнечной стороне» - бросила. Но... Читать далее

Lemonstra Lemonstra5 часов 42 минуты назад

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