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Цитаты из книги «Song Sheets to Software: A Guide to Print Music, Software, and Web Sites for Musicians»

Music has not been a priority in our American educational system. Budgets or academic priorities have successfully helped us to fail to learn music in any standardized fashion. So how do we learn it? Where do we go? Thanks to Axford"s pioneering book there is no need to spend countless hours online gathering the information or sifting through piles of catalogs, magazines, and brochures. Song Sheets to Software is about learning and teaching music through new, stimulating, and accessible means -- computers and the Internet. A landmark resource for anyone who wants to know more about music, the book is divided into five chapters. Chapter 1 is a detailed history of songs sheets, covering early American religious, folk and popular music in print, as well as songs in musicals, silent films, talkies, radio and records. Chapter 2 covers print music royalties, copyright laws, formats and terms, while the last three chapters consist of annotated listings of 600+ music software titles, 6,000+ music-related web sites for musicians, and Internet tech terms. Показать

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