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Coordinating the Internet

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For years, the world saw the Internet as a creature of the U.S. Department of Defense. Now some claim that the Internet is a self-governing organism controlled by no one and needing no oversight. Although the National Science Foundation and other government agencies continue to support and oversee...

Understanding the Digital Economy: Data, Tools, and Research

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The rapid growth of electronic commerce, along with changes in information, computing, and communications, is having a profound effect on the United States economy. President Clinton recently directed the National Economic Council, in consultation with executive branch agencies, to analyze the...

Public Access to the Internet

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This well-balanced collection takes up the important issues in enabling widely available access to the Internet at a time of rapid commercialization and growth. The seventeen contributions present material that network managers, politicians, and other professionals need to know in order to ask the...

Standards Policy for Information Infrastructure

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Although there are many competing visions of information infrastructure, there is universal agreement that standards will play a critical role. The history of OSI, the Internet, and industry consortia shows that standards development has become a rich, multifaceted process, critically linked to...

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«Тревожные люди» Фредрик Бакман

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