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Dark Age of Camelot: Epic Edition: Prima Official Game Guide


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An Epic Guide to an Epic Game A·Everything you need to know about Darkness Rising"s exciting addition: Mounts! A·Complete Champion weapon stats A·Full Champion quest walktroughs A·All Champion powers and subclasses covered A·Complete Epic Quest walkthrough A·Completely updated full-color maps...

Darkwatch Official Strategy Guide (Official Strategy Guides (Bradygames))


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BradyGames" Darkwatch Official Strategy Guide includes the following: A  Features step-by-step walkthrough with game-tested tips tactics to lead players through all single-player missions. Complete multiplayer coverage for each online game mode. Exhaustive rundown of all weapons...

Daughter of the Dragon (MechWarrior: Dark Age #16)


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Katana Tormark"s family was disgraced by a traitor. To regain her clan"s honor, she challenges House Kurita"s right to rule the Combine. Undermining their authority, Katana is pushing them into a conflict with the Republic they don"t want. But Warlord Mitsura Sakamoto has his...

Deal Me In! Online Cardrooms, Big Time Tournaments, and The New Poker


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Book DescriptionLearn How to Play Smart, Stay Safe, and Have Fun with Online Poker "Under the gun, I had a nut flush draw on the flop, so I go over the top back into the small blind, the guy on the button smooth calls, and I catch the boat on fifth street!" The above quote may not...

Def Jam: Icon: Prima Official Game Guide (Prima Official Game Guides)


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Learn to Use Music as a Weapon and Fight to Become an Icon•Exclusive interview with Kevin Liles•Expert tips for every fighting style, detailing all strengths and weaknesses•Strategy for playing Build a Label mode three different ways•Detailed tables and walkthrough steps for...

Devil Kings Official Strategy Guide (Official Strategy Guides (Bradygames))


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BradyGames’ Devil Kings Official Strategy Guide includes the following: A comprehensive walkthrough of the entire game. Detailed weapon listings with all “Elemental Attribute” capabilities. Expert boss strategies to defeat even the toughest boss. Extensive fighting...

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