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The Elephant to Hollywood


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When he was in his late fifties, Michael Caine believed his glamorous, rags-to-riches Hollywood career had come to an end. The scripts being sent his way were worse and worse. When one script really disappointed, he called the producer to complain about the part. The producer said, "No, no, we...

Ian Mckellen: An Unauthorised Biography


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Book DescriptionIan McKellen was catapulted to international superstardom by the phenomenal success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and there has never been a better time to assess the life and career of one of the world"s greatest stage and screen actors. From acting with the Royal...

Bob Hope: A Life in Comedy


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Book DescriptionReporter: "What"s it like to be Bob Hope?" Hope: "I wouldn"t have it any other way." From Bob Hope"s early career as an upstart among professionals like Jack Benny and Milton Berle in the rollicking world of traveling comedians, to his blazing...

Cosbyology: Essays and Observations from the Doctor of Comedy (Thorndike Press Large Print Basic Series)


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Book DescriptionNow in paperback, the national bestseller from the funniest man in America, who looks back at his life . . . bit by bit. With more than 200,000 hardcover copies in print, Bill Cosby"s Cosbyology has landed on bestseller lists nationwide, including the New York Times and USA...

The Stars


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Book DescriptionWorshipped as heroes, treated as gods, movie stars are more than objects of admiration. A star"s influence touches on every aspect of ordinary life, dictating taste in fashion, lifestyle, and desire. Edgar Morin"s remarkable investigation into the cultural and social...

Pulling Faces, Making Noises : A Life on Stage, Screen & Radio


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Book Description"The phenomenal Barry Morse." -CBC Times Pulling Faces, Making Noises tells the extraordinary life of Barry Morse, one of the most versatile pros the performing trade has ever known. He"s an actor who"s led a career more vast and diverse than almost any other in...

Laurette Taylor, American Stage Legend


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How did Laurette Taylor (1884-1946) become America"s most celebrated actress? What training and experience led to her first stage success, Peg o" My Heart, in 1912? How did her failed 1920s silent film career influence her stage technique? What was so remarkable about her portrayal of...

Some Like it Hot: The Official 50th Anniversary Companion


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Voted the Number One movie on the American Film Institute"s List of 100 Funniest Movies, "Some Like It Hot" remains an undisguised movie classic, 50 years after its debut. Billy Wilder"s hilarious film skilfully blends several American preoccupations - jazz, gangsters, drag, and...

Christian Slater

John Blake , 2006

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A look at one of Hollywood’s most charismatic young actors.Starring in the acclaimed cult films Heathers and Pump Up the Volume, and drawing comparisons to a young Jack Nicholson, Christian Slater was the embodiment of teenage cool. His position as an A-list star continued through the 1990s...

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New Press
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James L. Dickerson
Kimberly Sherman, Warren Martineck
Wensley Clarkson
Brian J. Robb
Edited by Steven Jay Schneider

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