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The Representative Plays by J. M. Barrie


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Book Description1918. Sir James Matthew, Baronet Barrie a Scottish journalist, playwright, and children"s book writer who became world famous with his play and story about Peter Pan, the boy who lived in Never Land, had a war with Captain Hook, and wouldnot grow up. This volume contains the...

Born Bad


В 1 магазине по цене 1625

Book DescriptionDebbie Tucker Green is an urgent and distinctive new Black British writing talent. "The overall effect is of having swallowed a scalding cup of triple espresso coffee in one gulp. The burn stays with you after you have left the theatre."-The Guardian "Love it or...

Whelan Plays: 1 : The Accrington Pals, The Herbal Bed, The School of Night (Methuen Drama)


В 1 магазине по цене 2205

Book DescriptionFirst collection of plays by one of Britain"s most-acclaimed contemporary playwrights. Whelan is expert at moving and often comical evocations of suffering and desire, whether in Elizabethan England, or in deserted Lancashire mill towns during the Great War.Peter Whelan was...

Back to Methuselah a Metabiological Pentateuch


В 1 магазине по цене 3720

Book Description1924. Most of Shaw"s early plays were either banned by the censor or refused production. With Plays: Pleasant and Unpleasant he sought a reading audience. He also began the practice of writing the challenging, mocking, eloquent prefaces to his plays, which were sometimes longer...

Fifty-One Tales


В 1 магазине по цене 1670

Book DescriptionA Wildside Fantasy Classic. Contains 51 of Dunsany"s choice fantasy short stories. "[Dunsany"s] rich language, his cosmic point of view, his remote dream-worlds, and his exquisite sense of the fantastic, all appeal to me more than anything else in modern...

Fix Up


В 1 магазине по цене 1329

Book DescriptionSet against the inexorable march of progress in contemporary black London culture, Kwame Kwei-Armah"s second play for the National Theatre in London explores race and roots with an assured verve and comic wit. Kwame Kwei-Armah"s Elmina"s Kitchen was staged at the...

The Fight for Barbara (Oberon Modern Plays)


В 1 магазине по цене 1872

Book DescriptionThis lost D.H. Lawrence play is filled with extraordinary insights into personal complexities which the author showed in his great novels, Sons and Lovers, Women in Love and Lady Chatterly"s Lover. Its first ever full text production was performed last year by Sir Peter...

The Twelve-Pound Look and Other Plays


В 1 магазине по цене 1476

Book DescriptionContains: The Twelve-Pound Look Pantaloon Rosalind The Will J. M. Barrie (1860-1937) - in full Sir James Matthew, Baronet Barrie - was a Scottish journalist, playwright, and children"s book writer. Barrie became world famous with his play and story about Peter Pan (1904), the...

Crossing Jerusalem, The Golem, Saint Joan, Year Ze (Oberon Modern Plays)


В 1 магазине по цене 2891

Book DescriptionCrossing Jerusalem describes a day in the life of an Israeli family at the beginning of the latest intifada. The Golem is a children"s version of the famous story, exploring what happens when a monster is constructed to defend his community. Year Zero is a bittersweet satire...

Shakespeare: Three Problem Plays (Analysing Texts)


В 1 магазине по цене 2818

Book DescriptionFocussing on All"s Well that Ends Well, Measure for Measure and Troilus and Cressida, Nicholas Marsh uses close analysis of extracts from the plays to build the reader"s confidence when approaching Shakespeare"s Problem Plays and exploring the unresolved competing...

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Michael Patterson
Lawrence Graver
Simon Stephens
Nicholas Marsh
D. H. Lawrence

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