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Lighthouse Island : Our Family Escape


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Book DescriptionAn Accomplished photographer, Baker has created a personal tribute to the lighthouse and the changing moods of the pristine island it stands upon.



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Book DescriptionWater has always mystified us. After all, water signifies life, the pleasures of the senses and relaxation. The fabulous, large-format photos capture the most beautiful and varied pools in countries around the Mediterranean, Europe and America. Each in its own context is special and...

Carlo Mollino: With Naked Eye: Photographs 1934-1973


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Mollino"s work consists of "unique pieces", from furniture to photographs. The elitist architect never produced editions of his photographs and he signed less than 40 , unique copies often retouched. From 1936 to 1973, his photographs, drawings and related historical objects reveal...

Gardens of Sand


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Between 1859 and 1905, a number of photographers, working from the Maghreb to Turkey, collectively amassed a vast documentation of the region"s landscape, towns and monuments. Gardens of Sand unites 90 original photographs, mostly hitherto unpublished, by photographers such as James Robertson...

Portraits of America: Coney Island : The Museum of the City of New York (Portraits of America)


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Book DescriptionMore than simply an escape from New York"s sweltering summer streets, the strip of Brooklyn"s south shore known as Coney Island embodied a new American attitude toward entertainment. Here, you"ll experience the decadent delights of this magical land of ritzy hotels...

Canadian Pacific: Stand Fast, Craigellachie


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Book DescriptionA tribute to one of North America"s oldest still running railway companies. This landmark tribute to the Canadian Pacific Railway features the work of many of North America"s top rail photographers. Remarkable photography and essays cover the entire CPR system, from the...

The Missions of California


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Book DescriptionCalifornia"s 21 missions are moving historical reminders of the first non-Native American forays onto the American Pacific Coast. From 1769 to 1823, Jesuit and Franciscan missionaries founded missions from San Diego to Sonoma, all of which can still be visited today. From the...

Luisa Lambri


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Book DescriptionAt a glance, Luisa Lambri"s photographs of architectural interiors might appear to be yet another example of the austere, depopulated spaces found in so much of today"s photo-based work. They are, however, eminently different in both conception and execution, at once...

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Царское село, Альфа-Колор
ADP Company
Яркий город
Te Neues Publishing Company
Яркий город

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Dona Z. Meilach
Mike Melman
Bill Yenne
Clark Worswick, Issam Nassar
Fulvio Ferrari, Napoleone Ferrari

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