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Consultant & Independent Contractor Agreements (CONSULTANT & INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR AGREEMENTS)

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Whether you are contracting your services to others or hiring independent contractors to work for you, it"s essential to get everything in writing -- if you don"t, you could lose time, money and credibility. Consultant and Independent Contractor Agreements gives you the plain-English...

Legal Usage in Drafting Corporate Agreements

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From a corporate lawyer in private practice comes the first detailed survey of the conventions of language and structure in drafting corporate agreements. Adams summarizes the traditional techniques of drafting and proposes alternatives that will produceclearer, more efficient contracts. This...

How to Form a Limited Liability Company (How to Form a Limited Liability Company)

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(Sphinx Publishing) Self-help law book covers advantages and disadvantages of an LLC, types of LLC, start-up procedures, selling interests in the company, running a LLC, amending a LLC, and dissolving a LLC. Softcover. DLC: Private companies--United States--Popular works.

The Copyright Book, Fifth Edition: A Practical Guide

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As copyright issues grow more complicated, this guide to US copyright law becomes ever more indispensable. The fifth edition has been updated to include recent judicial and legislative decisions concerning copyright and the debates surrounding publication on the Web and other new media. What...

Concepts and Procedures in Whistleblower Law

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Attorney, scholar, teacher Stephen Kohn presents a comprehensive, unified examination of the 35 federal laws that protect whistleblowers and their rights, plus the common law protections available in each of the 50 states. He provides a step-by-step overview of how to conceptualize and litigate...

Law for Business and Personal Use

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Law for Business and Personal Use 16E maintains a fundamental emphasis on business law, while introducing personal law topics that interest students. A new web site, updated content, updated computer applications, new feature on electronic issues, and a new feature on law research bring excitement...

Polish Business Law

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As a result of high levels of income and consumer spending, Poland has been an increasingly interesting destination for trade. It is particularly attractive to foreign investors seeking to establish a presence in the country with strong human resources and an ideal geographic location at the heart...

Global Transmission Expansion: Recipes for Success

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Woolf, a well-known energy attorney and visiting Harvard professor with expertise in global transmission expansion, details how to plan transmission expansion—from regulations and performance standards to getting more from existing assets and understanding investors and their incentives, to...

Partnerships: Laws of the United States (Quick Reference Law)

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An essential guidebook on partnership law, this book details state-by-state laws regarding the formation and use of partnerships as a business form, including filing requirements, property laws, legal liability, standards, and details of the new Revised Uniform Partnership Act.

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Kluwer Law International
Gale Cengage
Oxford University Press
Warner Business Books

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Franklin A. Gevurtz
William Manchee, Mary, Ph.D. Klaasen
Daniel E. Hall
Paul Kruse
Paul L. Adams

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