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Succeeding at Social Enterprise: Hard-Won Lessons for Nonprofits and Social Entrepreneurs


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From the Social Enterprise Alliance, the organization dedicated to building a robust social enterprise field, comes Succeeding at Social Enterprise. This practical guide is filled with the best practices, tools, guidance, models and successful cases for leaders (and future leaders) of social...

How To Get The Most Out Of And Maximize The Usage Of Your Timeshare: Secrets To Utilizing And Having Fun With Your Timeshare To The Utmost Ability (Volume 1)


В 1 магазине по цене 1980

Here is a little of what you will learn inside of this book: - Why Time Shares Make Sense - The Importance Of Advertising - Time Share Selling Options - Selling By Auction - Listing With A Broker - Is It Worth Buying Timeshares? - Buying Timeshare Resale Vs Buying From Timeshare Resort - Are You Up...

Secrets To Selling Real Estate Revealed: How To Make Money & Profit Immensely By Selling Homes!: Simple & Easy Ways To Make Money In The Real Estate Business Revealed! (Volume 1)


В 1 магазине по цене 1973

Here is a little of what you will learn inside of this book: - Finding Hot Properties - Leasing Instead Of Selling - What Buyers Look For - Be Zone Conscious - Home Loans - Knowing When Your Ready To Buy - Is Your Lake Home For Sale? - Living The Waterfront Lifestyle Every Day - How To Locate...

Real Estate Investing Secrets Of How To Build A Long-Term Residual Income From Real Estate!: Secrets To Making Money In The Real Estate Business Finally Revealed In Basic Laymen Terms! (Volum


В 1 магазине по цене 1987

Here is a little of what you will learn inside of this book: - How you can get out of your expenses and dept, and put yourself in a better position to get a passive income and start enjoying your life! - 11 helpful tips on making your financial life easier - Everything you need to know about...

How To Make Money with Real Estate


В 1 магазине по цене 1486

Before you make that first visit to the mortgage lender, do yourself a favor - find out for yourself... "How the Experts Make REAL Money in Real Estate!" Your success in real estate DEPENDS on making smart decisions - before you buy and after. Whether you"re renovating for a flip...

Franchising Globally: Innovation, Learning and Imitation


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Franchising Globally is first of its kind to examine franchising both from an entrepreneurial and from an international perspective. The book includes theoretical discussions and practical examples of international franchising as well as both micro and macro studies of franchising environments in...

The 21st Century Case for a Managed Economy: The role of disequilibrium, feedback loops and scientific method in post-crash economics


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For decades, free-market economists have told a consistent story. Markets are rational, efficient, stable and fair, and even volatile financial markets should be left mostly to their own devices. Governments, meanwhile, should maintain basic institutions but should otherwise stay out of the way...

Performances of Asia-Pacific Countries: A New Approach (Global Economic Studies)


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Asian and Pacific countries are rapidly emerging as engines of global growth. In 2006, the 7.9 per cent increase in the size of the region"s developing economies represented a third of world-wide growth. Developing economies in the Asia-Pacific region grew at 7.9 per cent, up from 7.6 per cent...

Strategic Collaboration in Public and Nonprofit Administration: A Practice-Based Approach to Solving Shared Problems (ASPA Series in Public Administration and Public Policy)


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Market disruptions, climate change, and health pandemics lead the growing list of challenges faced by today’s leaders. These issues, along with countless others that do not make the daily news, require novel thinking and collaborative action to find workable solutions. However, many administrators...

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N. W. Widener
Kogan Page
John Wiley and Sons, Ltd

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Deborah A. Bailey
Smart Biz Guides
John Maynard Keynes
George Vojta
James M. Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner, Elaine Biech

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