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Geldof in Africa


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A unique portrait of an extraordinary and beautiful land, now in paperback.Drenched in sun, pounded by heat, Africa is a continent like no other. Within it are deserts of rolling sands, tropical jungles, savannas with exotic wild beasts, and coasts teeming with fish. Africa is home to more people...

Deliberate Acts of Kindness: Service As a Spiritual Practice

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An indispensable guide to the spiritual and the practical aspects of devoting one’s time and energies to the service of others.Deliberate Acts of Kindness is for people who are ready to supplement"random acts of kindness" with intentional acts of generosity, decency, and integrity...

How to Mobilize Church Volunteers

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How do you motivate the volunteers on your staff? Are you "burning out" your best people? What can you do with the pew-sitters? Do you find it hard to ask for help? This insightful, practical book by Marlene Wilson, an international authority on volunteerism, will help you answer these...

Community Service and Social Responsibility in Youth

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James Youniss and Miranda Yates present a sophisticated analysis of community service"s beneficial effects on adolescents" political and moral identity. Using a case study from a predominantly Black, urban high school in Washington, D.C., Youniss and Yates build on the insights of Erik...

Teens With the Courage to Give: Young People Who Triumphed over Tragedy and Volunteered to Make a Difference (Call to Action Book)

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Fourth in the Conari Press Call to Action series, this volume profiles 30 amazing young people who have overcome great personal odds to reach out and help others. First-person accounts include an amputee running in the Paralympics; the son of a cancer patient creating support groups for kids with...

Habitat for Humanity: Building Private Homes, Building Public Religion

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Habitat for Humanity®, a grassroots house-building ministry founded in 1976 by evangelical Christians, is one of the best-known and most widely popular nonprofit organizations in operation today. With approximately 1500 local Habitat affiliates in the United States and more than 250 abroad in...

Serving Those in Need : A Handbook for Managing Faith-Based Human Services Organizations

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Given the increased pressures and higher demand on social-service organizations, faith-based providers must find ways to increase their effectiveness while maintaining their religious distinctiveness. Serving Those in Need provides practical answers for those engaged in the delivery of human and...

Courage Is Contagious: Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things to Change the Face of America

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A modern-day Profiles in Courage about twenty people who are doing heroic things to improve the lives of their fellow Americans.Now available in trade paperback, Courage Is Contagious is a remarkable document about everyday people helping to reshape America. Written by Congressman John Kasich, the...

Putting Faith in Neighborhoods: Making Cities Work through Grassroots Citizenship

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As mayor of Indianapolis, Stephen Goldsmith saw firsthand that urban renewal begins with residents claiming responsibility for the future of their neighborhoods. In "Putting Faith in Neighborhoods," Goldsmith explains how Indianapolis invented a national model for creating vibrant urban...

Giving Time

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Giving Time is the story of one person"s journey to experience what it"s like to volunteer in the community. Along the way he discovers many remarkable non-profit organizations, meets a whole host of good samaritans and learns the genuine definition of community.

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Geoffrey P. Alpert, Alex R. Piquero
John Kasich
Jackie Waldman
Meredith Gould
Charles Rose

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