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Risk-adjusted Lending Conditions : An Option Pricing Approach (The Wiley Finance Series)

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In order to operate their lending business profitably, banks must know all the costs involved in granting loans. In particular, all the expenses they incur in covering losses must be included. Provided loan risks can be calculated, it is possible in eachcase to charge a price that is appropriately...

Billing and Collections Best Practices (Wiley Best Practices)


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Book DescriptionBillings and Collections Best Practices offers advice for implementing a plethora of best practices to greatly improve your company"s level of efficiency in information reporting, including: Showing you how to create a more efficient billing operation. ...

The Art & Science of Money Laundering: Inside the Commerce of the International Narcotics Traffickers

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Find out how the world"s best money launderers evade sohisticated high-tech detection measures and move money freely in the electronic age. Also find out the latest international law enforcement countermeasures for stopping this illegal flow of money. A must for cops, lawyers, PIs and others.

Owning Up: Poverty, Assets, and the American Dream

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Despite the recent success of welfare reform in moving people off public assistance and into jobs, most of America"s working poor are still unable to accumulate even the most minimal of assets. Even when they are getting by, they lack many of the resources—tangible and...

Special Privilege: How the Monetary Elite Benefit at Your Expense

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The thesis of Special Privilege is that the government grants special privileges to the elite members of the financial sector of the economy that violate fundamental principles of both democracy and free enterprise. Because these special privileges pervert the free market, they must inevitably lead...

The Cost of Obtaining Money and on Some Effects of Private and Government Paper Money

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Nassau William Senior (1790-1864) - economist, critical essayist and government adviser - was a highly original classical economist in the era between Ricardo"s Principles of 1817 and Mill"s Principles of 1848. He was the first Professor of Political Economy at Oxford, and in his...

International Bimetallism

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The word bimetallism means something concerning two metals, in conjunction or in some mutual relation to each other. In addition to this, it has come to be understood that the two metals are gold and silver; and that this conjunction, or mutual relation, is in, or through, their use as money. ...

The Gold Standard in Theory and History

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The revised edition presents a collection of essays, both sympathetic and critical, on the gold standard. It contains six new essays drawing on the latest research to provide a critical framework for contemporary debates about the gold standard. The articles range from classics by Keynes to more...

Raising Rich Kids

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Parents worry that their children will mismanage money or worse, that money will corrupt them. Yet money may be the last taboo topic for family discussion. Few families talk productively about what money means - about what money can buy and what it cannot.

The Currency Game: Exchange Rate Politics in Latin America

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Exchange rates have been central to the course of economic development in Latin America from the heyday of import substitution to the rapid expansion of foreign debt in the 1970s, and from the debt crisis and its troubled aftermath to renewed growth and borrowing in the 1990s. Why do governments...

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Free Press
Aldine Transaction

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Norman Angell
Martin Shubik
Gerald Le Van
Nassau William Senior
Brett F. Woods

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