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The Savvy Senior : The Ultimate Guide to Health, Family, and Finances for Senior Citizens

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A concise, helpful resource for seniors that covers topics from aging to investing and travel -- from the popular syndicated newspaper column of the same name. "The Savvy Senior" is a nationally syndicated newspaper column that serves the growing needs of the senior population and the...

101 Secrets for a Great Retirement : Practical, Inspirational, & Fun Ideas for the Best Years of Your Life!

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More than 5,000 people retire every day--yet there have been no retirement books that are both informative and motivational until now. 101 Secrets for a Great Retirement encourages and inspires retirees to simplify their lives and pursue theirdreams. The authors cover all the essential topics...

Retire on Less Than You Think : The New York Times Guide to Planning Your Financial Future

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From the New York Times retirement expert, an authoritative resource for successfully assessing and tackling the real costs and challenges of retirement Only a few years ago, the question on many Americans’ minds wasn’t “how will I retire” but “when.” Now, with...

The New Retirement: The Ultimate Guide to the Rest of Your Life

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When is the right time to retire? Should you relocate, and if so, where? How can you make sure your money will last as long as you do? What kind of lifestyle will best suit your retirement years? Two million Americans reach retirement age each year,and they urgently need reliable information and...

The Retirement Nightmare: How to Save Yourself from Your Heirs and Protectors : Involuntary Conservatorships and Guardianships (Golden Age Series)

В 1 магазине по цене 2999

After working hard to build your nest egg, you are finally making plans for your retirement years. But will you be free to make your own choices when those golden years finally arrive? Or will you fall victim to ruinously expensive involuntary conservatorship/guardianship proceedings and be...

When Baby Boom Women Retire:

В 1 магазине по цене 1594

Fewer than 20% of Baby Boom women will experience a secure retirement. Marriage, education, occupation, home ownership--these variables predict their future. Possession of all four indicates retirement security, and absence of any increases risk of old-age poverty. These and other findings about...

Senior Residences : Designing Retirement Communities for the Future (Wiley Series in Healthcare and Senior Living Design)

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A comprehensive framework for capitalizing on the growing market for Continuing Care Retirement Communities. Senior Residences equips architects and other industry professionals with a proven executive strategy for the design and developmentof successful Continuing Care Retirement Community...

Smart Guide to Planning for Retirement

В 1 магазине по цене 2461

An all-you-need-to-know introduction on how to save and plan today for a comfortable retirement tomorrow Smart Ways to avail yourself of the different company-sponsored and independent retirement accounts available to you right now Smart Advice on how to get the most out of your IRA, Roth IRA...

Life Begins at 50

В 1 магазине по цене 1432

A manual of personal and financial advice for men and women contemplating retirement or already retired from full-time jobs.

SHRM Employer-Sponsored Investment Advice Survey : A Study by the Society for Human Resource Management, Employee Benefit Research Institute and WorldatWork (SHRM Surveys series)


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Book DescriptionHuman resource managers will find the crucial information they need to make intelligent workforce decisions in these studies that include detailed statistical data, forecasts, and trend research on a variety of topics including employer benefits, intergenerational workforces...

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John B. Shoven
David Eisenstein
Leonard J. Hansen, Pete Wilson
Nancy Dailey
Fred Brock

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