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Word & Object

The MIT Press , 1960

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Language consists of dispositions, socially instilled, to respond observably to socially observable stimuli. Such is the point of view from which a noted philosopher and logician examines the notion of meaning and the linguistic mechanisms of objective reference. In the course of the discussion...

Origins of Human Communication

The MIT Press , 2008

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Human communication is grounded in fundamentally cooperative, even shared, intentions. In this original and provocative account of the evolutionary origins of human communication, Michael Tomasello connects the fundamentally cooperative structure of human communication (initially discovered by Paul...

Bernd and Hilla Becher: Life and Work

The MIT Press , 2006

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Bernd and Hilla Becher"s lifetime project of documenting the industrial landscape of our time secures their position in the canon of postwar photographers. Their work--at once conceptual art, typological study, and topological documentation--has influenced German photographers of a younger...

Learning from Las Vegas – Symbolism of Architectural Form (Paper)


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"Learning from Las Vegas: The Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form" created a healthy controversy on its appearance in 1972, calling for architects to be more receptive to the tastes and values of "common" people and less immodest in their erections of "heroic,"...

Joseph Fourier 1768–1830 – A Survey of His Life & Work


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Beyond being the first substantial publication on Fourier, this work contains the text of Fourier"s seminal paper of 1807 on the propagation of heat, marking the first time it has ever appeared in print. This paper incorporates many of the mathematical creations on which Fourier"s fame...

Remediation: Understanding New Media

The MIT Press , 2000

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Media critics remain captivated by the modernist myth of the new: they assume that digital technologies such as the World Wide Web, virtual reality, and computer graphics must divorce themselves from earlier media for a new set of aesthetic and cultural principles. In this richly illustrated study...

The Time of My Life: An Autobiography

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"Some Pow"r did us the giftie grant / To see oursels as others can"t." With that play on Burns" famous line as a preface, Willard Van Orman Quine sets out to spin the yarn of his life so far. And it is a gift indeed to see one of the world"s most famous philosophers as...

The Reasoned Schemer

The MIT Press , 2005

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The goal of The Reasoned Schemer is to help the functional programmer think logically and the logic programmer think functionally. The authors of The Reasoned Schemer believe that logic programming is a natural extension of functional programming, and they demonstrate this by extending the...

Dynamical Systems in Neuroscience – The Geometry of Excitability and Bursting


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In order to model neuronal behavior or to interpret the results of modeling studies, neuroscientists must call upon methods of nonlinear dynamics. This book offers an introduction to nonlinear dynamical systems theory for researchers and graduate students in neuroscience. It also provides an...

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The MIT Press
The MIT Press
The MIT Press
The MIT Press
The MIT Press

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Georges Bataille
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Felix Guattari
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Paul D Miller

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