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Scrum. Революционный метод управления проектами

В 1 магазине по цене 880

Эта книга рассказывает о революционной методике повышения продуктивности Scrum, позволяющей получать отличные результаты меньшими силами, в короткие сроки и с низкими затратами. Благодаря Scrum, такие гиганты как Google, Amazon и Salesforce.com смогли поднять производительность на 300-400%.

The Executive's Guide to Information Technology

В 1 магазине по цене 4650

What Every Senior Manager and Consultant Should Know About Managing Effective IT Departments "This book sheds light on one of the most challenging topics for corporate officers –how to create and manage a high-performance IT department and obtain higher returns from technology-invested...

The Communications Toolkit: How to Build and Regulate Any Communications Business

В 1 магазине по цене 13535

Although telephone, cable, broadcast, print, and Internet companies are changing at a fantastic rate, the fundamentals of communications, networks, and competition have remained constant. This book provides the tools necessary to build lasting, flexible strategies to survive and grow in these times...

Knowledge Organizations: What Every Manager Should Know

В 1 магазине по цене 9784

For knowledge management to be successful, the corporate culture needs to be adapted to encourage the creation, sharing, and distribution of knowledge within the organization. Knowledge Organizations: What Every Manager Should Know provides insight into how organizations can best accomplish this...

Inquiring Organizations: Moving From Knowledge Management To Wisdom


В 1 магазине по цене 7955

Book DescriptionInquiring Organizations: Moving from Knowledge Management to Wisdom assembles into one volume a comprehensive collection of the key current thinking regarding the use of C. West Churchman’s Design of Inquiring Systems as a basis for computer-based inquiring systems design and...

Implementing Collaboration Technologies in Industry


В 1 магазине по цене 3446

Book DescriptionCollaboration technologies play a vital role in modern business by providing the infrastructure for key strategies such as collaborative commerce, knowledge management, process improvement, virtual teamwork and e-learning. This book provides a wide-ranging overview of current...

The Art of Modeling with Spreadsheets : Management Science, Spreadsheet Engineering, and Modeling Craft


В 1 магазине по цене 4830

Book DescriptionSuccessful business modeling is much more than a technical discipline; it"s an art. And as in most professional disciplines, you can tell the experts apart from the novices by the creativity they bring to the craft. That"s why Steve Powell and Ken Baker"s THE ART OF...

Kickstart Your Time Management: The Complete Guide to Great Work Habits

Capstone Pub , 2003

В 1 магазине по цене 4409

Whoever we are and whatever we do, we no doubt have things that we want to achieve. To do this, effective time management is essential. Put simply, those who are most organized are the people most likely to succeed. Frances Kay"s brilliantly clear and straightforward guide will give you all...

The Human Side of High-Tech: Lessons from the Technology Frontier

В 1 магазине по цене 6962

"If you want to create an enthusiastic, committed, high-performance workforce today, think democratic. Think equal. Think "everyone"s as important as I am. "Think ping-pong tables,company picnics, and bagels for everybody. And don"t keep secrets!" -from The Human...

Knowledge Management and its Integrative Elements

В 1 магазине по цене 2040

Knowledge: In the realm of knowledge management, information plus wisdom equals knowledge. Organizations have found that the knowledge they contain can be one of their most important competitive weaponsDefinition:Knowledge management: The ability of an organization to manage, store, value, and...

Издательства, которые наиболее часто выпускают книги по теме Ит для менеджеров

Здесь представлены издательства, которые наиболее часто выпускают книги, относящиеся к теме Ит для менеджеров.

Альпина Паблишер
Горячая Линия - Телеком
Capstone Pub

Популярные авторы, пишущие на тему Ит для менеджеров

Наиболее популярные авторы, которые наиболее часто встречаются, как авторы книг по теме Ит для менеджеров. Возможно, произведения этих авторов будут Вам наиболее интересны.

David Moschella
James A. Senn
Wendy Currie, Robert Galliers
Carliss Y. Baldwin, Kim B. Clark
Peter Checkland, Sue Holwell

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