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Oracle PL/SQL For Dummies


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Find tips for creating efficient PL/SQL code If you know a bit about SQL, this book will make PL/SQL programming painless! The Oracle has spoken -- you need to get up to speed on PL/SQL programming, right? We predict it"ll be a breeze with this book! You"ll find out about...

Teach Yourself VISUALLY PowerPoint 2003 (Teach Yourself Visually)


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* Helpful sidebars that offer practical tips and tricks * Succinct explanations that walk you through step by step * Full-color screen shots that demonstrate each task * Two-page lessons that break big topics into bite-sized modules Learn How To: * Enter and format presentation...

Practices of an Agile Developer: Working in the Real World (Pragmatic Programmers)


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Want to be a better developer? This books collects the personal habits, ideas, and approaches of successful agile software developers and presents them in a series of short, easy-to-digest tips. This isn"t academic fluff; follow these ideas and you"ll show yourself, your teammates, and...

F1 Get the Most Out of Excel Formulas & Functions: The Ultimate Excel Formulas & Functions Help Guide


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With more than 300 solutions to the time-consuming problem of combining Microsoft Excel functions into effective, problem-solving formulas, this handbook addresses questions that are regularly posted to Excel newsgroups—topics of the most interest to Excel users. Questions and answers provide...

Painless Project Management with FogBugz (Books for Professionals by Professionals)


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"Project Management" is the team approach to programming. There are many programs out there that purport to help a development team manage a project – but most of them aren’t very good. World-renowned software guru Joel Spolsky’s company, FogCreek Software, has created a...

Reason 3 Power!


В 1 магазине по цене 4427

Geared toward intermediate users, "Reason 3 Power!" is the perfect book if you"re a home recording studio musician! You"ll learn how to use Reason with other software and hardware through in-depth tutorials and explanations. This guide is packed with tips that even a quite...

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For Dummies
Wadsworth Publishing

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Will Richardson
Carolyn Thorsen
Gary B. Shelly, Thomas J. Cashman, Glenda A. Gunter, Randolph E. Gunter
Damon Brown
Nancy Muir

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