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Beautiful People with Beautiful Feelings


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Your whole life has been leading up to the point where you are looking at this. "Remember, you can have anything. You just have to think it.Just kidding, life isn"t that simple."-Donny MillerHip, edgy, and irreverently funny, th art of Donny Miller builds a bridge between Roy...

Twice Untitled and Other Pictures (looking back)


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For the past two decades Louise Lawler has been taking photographs of art in situ, from small poignant black-and-white images of art in people"s homes to large format glossy color pictures of art in museums and in auction houses. In addition she has produced a variety of objects--paperweights...

Unsettling Encounters: First Nations Imagery in the Art of Emily Carr


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Unsettling Encounters radically re-examines Emily Carr"s achievement in representing Native life on the Northwest Coast, and her goals and achievements in representing Native villages and totem poles in her paintings and writings. Reconstructing a neglected body of Carr"s works that was...

Calder: Gravity and Grace


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A beautifully produced monograph on one of the greatest sculptors of the twentieth century, comprising a critical essay, a superb selection of colour plates, and invaluable documentation of the artist"s writings, interviews, bibliography and exhibition history.

Roman Signer (Contemporary Artists)


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First Monograph on the Explosive and Prolific Swiss Artist Though Roman Signer (b. 1938) identifies himself as a sculptor, his work is without boundaries and doesn"t fit into an artistic mold. He is interested in fire, water, wind and time, inspiring unique and witty artistic ...

Beene by Beene


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Beene by Beene is a journey through Geoffrey Beene"s life in fashion, a 40-year exploration that was, by turns, visionary, witty, irreverent, iconic, and timeless. His work was of such powerful clarity, such complete complicity between form and fuction that it actually teaches us-as all works...

Triginta Uno Dies: Thirty-one Drawings Thirty-one Days


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31 drawings comprising Diaz"s newest work. Diaz has developed a technique of minimalism which includes painting on distressed wood and using handmade wooden frames. His use of Latin allows him to explore an ancient language that is expressive as it is beautiful.

100 Posters, 134 Squirrels: A Decade of Hot Dogs, Large Mammals, and Independent Rock: The Handcrafted Art of Jay Ryan (Punk Planet Books)


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A greatest-hits collection of the last decade of Jay Ryan"s compelling posters, 100 Posters, 134 Squirrels showcases one of underground poster art"s most prolific and talented practitioners. Framed by essays from luminaries in the music, design, and poster worlds-including Steve Albini...

Luminair: Techinques of Digital Painting from Life


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Luminair presents a collection of digital life paintings by noted concept designer, Nick Pugh, who has developed this novel approach to traditional representational art. Painting from life, Pugh"s canvas is the laptop computer screen and his palette is the multitude of colors available to...

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David Shrigley
Nicoletta Santoni
Gregor Schneider, Andrew O'Hagan, Colm Toibin
David Robbins, Lionel Bovier, Fabrice Stroun
Kevin Bruce, John Pugh

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