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Letters Home: The Story of an American Military Family in Occupied Germany 1946-1949


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Book DescriptionLetters Home is a unique account of daily life for a military family living in Occupied Germany as they experienced the aftermath of World War II and the dawning of the Cold War. Through extensive letters written home to family left behind in America and supplemented by interviews...

Horatio Lord Nelson (Historic Lives)


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Book DescriptionHoratio Nelson (1758-1805) was undoubtedly Britain"s greatest naval leader and perhaps the greatest sea commander of all time. Although his complex character often made him enemies and led to mistakes in both his public and private life, he was an unrivaled seaman, an original...

The Lost Civil War Diaries: The Diaries of Corporal Timothy J. Regan


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Book DescriptionProduct Description Lost and forgotten in a travel trunk for almost 60 years, the diaries where discovered in the 1950s but languished in silence and obscurity until the recent discovery of the identity of thier author, Corporal Timothy J. Regan, of the Ninth Massachusetts Volunteer...

The Fallen : A True Story of American POWs and Japanese Wartime Atrocities


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Book Descriptionunspeakable crimes. undeniable proof. unattainable justice. "A gripping account of one of the darkest secrets of World War II: the systematic torture and vivisection of American pilots by Japanese scientistsfor biological warfare research. Almost sixty years after the fact...

The Mutiny On Board H.m.s. Bounty


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Book DescriptionCaptain William Bligh"s account of the fatal voyage of the Bounty, and his subsequent 3,600-mile trip to Timor in an open boat. Bligh was not the tyrant of legend--in fact, he may have been one of the most lenient commanders of a Pacific exploration ship of that period.

Facing the Wall: A Mission


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Book DescriptionA wife recalls her family"s struggle to return to normalcy after a loved one returns from war. Her husband came home from Nam physically unscathed - but his spirit was another matter. A story of PTSD (Post Trauma Stress Disorder) the aftereffects of war.

Boy Soldier


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Book DescriptionThe harsh realities of war remain mostly unseen to those who are left behind – the families and friends of our service men and women who are sent overseas to face the awful truth of the horrifying and brutal actions of wartime. It was doubly hard, in particular, for Vietnam...

Generally Speaking: The Memoirs of Major-General Richard Rohmer


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Book DescriptionMajor-General Richard Rohmer is Canada"s most decorated citizen. A lawyer, litigator, journalist and best-selling author of 28 fiction and non-fiction books, Rohmer has met with such public figure as Queen Elizabeth, General George Patton, "Intrepid" Sir William...

General Wadsworth: The Life and Times of Brevet Major General James S. Wadsworth


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Book DescriptionThe first full biography of James S. Wadsworth--important Union general, prominent New York politician, and anti-slavery statesman. James S. Wadsworth was a successful lawyer and influential New York politician when the Civil War brokeout. His wealth, strong anti-slavery views, and...

Burnham: King of Scouts


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Book DescriptionFrederick Russell Burnham (1861-1947), an American from California, taught scouting to Robert Baden-Powell, inspiring B-P to eventually found the Boy Scouts. Burnham went to Africa in 1893 to scout for Cecil Rhodes on the Cape-to-Cairo Railway. He was a scout in the Matabele War...

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B. H. Liddell Hart

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