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На этой странице представлены наиболее интересные книги по теме Офисная работа. Используя различные варианты сортировки посмотрите также наиболее рецензируемые, обсуждаемые или цитируемые книги данной тематики.

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Секретарское дело

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Книга содержит информацию, необходимую для секретарей и делопроизводителей: о правилах оформления служебных документов, организации офисной работы, взаимоотношениях с руководителем и сотрудниками, методике работы с источниками информации.Содержатся рекомендации, как внимательно слушать, грамотно...

Speak Easy (52 Brilliant Ideas): Dazzle Every Audience and Leave Them Begging for More (52 BRILLIANT IDEAS)


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52 fresh ideas for rocking the mike. Whether your goal is clinching the sale, advancing your career, or making the perfect wedding toast, this guide will have the words tripping off your tongue...with impact and ease. Barry Gibbons"s brilliant ideas for hooking listeners include: - Idea #7...

Understanding Body Language


В 1 магазине по цене 1989

Here is detailed and practical advice on interpreting the body language of your fellow workers, your superiors, and your business clients in a variety of settings. A person"s often unconscious gestures, facial expression, and body posture are frequent indicators of sincerity, uncertainty about...

Quintessential Guide to Using Consultants


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Book DescriptionBringing in the right consultant and getting what you want from the relationship is important—yet there has been a lack of specific guidance in this area until now. The Quintessential Guide to Using Consultants presents practicaland clear guidelines for maximizing the results...

Coaching Effectiveness Profile: Packet of 5


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Book DescriptionThe Coaching Effectiveness Profile provides a detailed process for assessing an individual"s capacity to coach others. This is done by measuring coaching ability in seven separate categories

Learning Points: 100 Activities and Actions for E-Communications Excellence


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Book DescriptionLearning Points: 100 Actions and Activities for E-Communications Excellence Today’s information age presents new and bewildering communication challenges for both organizations and employees. Unfortunately, there is no single user’s manual to turn to when feeling...

Right Person, Right Job: Guess or Know--The Breakthrough Technologies of Performance Information, 2nd Edition


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Book DescriptionWe’ve all done it—hired someone who wasn’t a good fit or simply couldn’t do the job. Or promoted an employee who wasn’t up to the new responsibilities. You don’t have to make the same time-consuming and costly mistakes again. In this groundbreaking...

50 Activities for Developing Leaders, Vol. II (50 Activities for Developing Leaders)


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Book DescriptionFor years, the popular 50 Activities for Developing Leaders, Volume I, has helped trainers effectively introduce and reinforce key skills in leadership training. Now the all-new, second volume reflects the best and latest thinking on leadership theory making it the best tool...

The Power of eCommunications


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Book DescriptionElectronic communication is here to stay and using the right tools effectively is essential to your success. Yet few companies provide training in this changing area. This cutting-edge book is full of guidelines and things to consider to get what you want when communicating through...

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Наиболее популярные авторы, которые наиболее часто встречаются, как авторы книг по теме Офисная работа. Возможно, произведения этих авторов будут Вам наиболее интересны.

David Zahn
Edward Hubbard
Marilyn Haight
John F. Cragan
C. Keans

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