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Decisions Without Mistakes: Common Sense Decision-Making Strategies for Today's Managers and Leaders

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Managing and Leading others in the workplace today can be a very challenging experience. With everything changing so quickly and dramatically, the ability to make the right decisions at the right time and for the right reasons is critically important. Employees need and want effective...

Designing and Managing a Research Project: A Business Student's Guide

В 1 магазине по цене 3271

“The authors did an excellent job of addressing many of the ‘real world’ issues in conducting a business research project. They have given care to address some of the issues that often represent the major stumbling blocks for students engaged in business research projects… An...

Spc Simplified Workbook: Practice Steps to Quality (Productivity's Shopfloor)

В 1 магазине по цене 2011

Updated to reflect the changes in SPC Simplified, the Workbook serves as a supplementary hands-on tool that follows on a module-by-module basis. The Workbook, when used with SPC Simplified, is ideal for self-study, in-house training, or classroom instruction. As you work with and apply the SPC...

The Leader's Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills: Powerful Problem-Solving Techniques to Ignite Your Team's Potential

В 1 магазине по цене 2560

* Do you want to unlock the creative potential of your team? * Is innovation a core value for your organization? * Do you have the skills to inspire new ideas? * Do you know how lateral leadership can transform your organization? Leadership is not just about command and control - it is about...

Service Quality : Research Perspectives (Foundations for Organizational Science)


В 1 магазине по цене 4571

Book Description"This book is not a "one-minute" guide for managers in search of alleged quick-fixes of service quality. Instead, it is thirty years of accumulated theory and research that can help serious students understand and analyze this complexphenomenon. The book succeeds in...

Crisis Management: Planning and Media Relations for the Design and Construction Industry

В 1 магазине по цене 5415

With the number of new construction projects growing exponentially in the U.S., knowing how to manage a crisis--whether it"s a physical disaster or a labor strike--is imperative for the survival of a construction business.

The Smart Organization: Creating Value Through Strategic R&D


В 1 магазине по цене 1749

Here is an experience-rich book on how companies can create value by becoming smart organizations. Based on research and consulting engagements with the world"s largest R&D-intensive companies, it reveals how senior managers can dramatically improve the return on their companies"...

Smart Things to Know About, Smart Things to Know About Decision Making

В 1 магазине по цене 3501

We go through life every day making decisions - some of which we don"t even think about. "Hmmm I"ll have that cup of coffee now." This type of decision didn"t take much thought process and it wasn"t a difficult one. Many decisions we make in our businesslives are much...

Smart Things to Know About Business (Smart Things to Know About (Stay Smart!) Series)


В 1 магазине по цене 2445

Book DescriptionIt"s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of books about business. A quick glance at the shelves of any bookstore presents a cacophany of advice, fads and panaceas. It"s about time someone sifted through it all to provide a clear picture of what business...

Brainstorming Reinvented: A Corporate Communications Guide to Ideation


В 1 магазине по цене 5302

Book DescriptionLinda Correll offers a radical new way to speed up the creative process through the technique of `creative aerobics". This concept uses four mental exercises that develop elasticity between the left and the right brain - the analytical and creative sides - allowing them access...

Издательства, которые наиболее часто выпускают книги по теме Принимаем решения

Здесь представлены издательства, которые наиболее часто выпускают книги, относящиеся к теме Принимаем решения.

Kaplan Business
Oneworld Publications

Популярные авторы, пишущие на тему Принимаем решения

Наиболее популярные авторы, которые наиболее часто встречаются, как авторы книг по теме Принимаем решения. Возможно, произведения этих авторов будут Вам наиболее интересны.

Davida M. Amsden, Howard E. Butler, Robert T. Amsden
Will Murray
Steve Sugar
Bill Hollins
David A. Welch

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