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Why is construction so backward


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Book DescriptionConstruction is vital both to Gross Domestic Product and to today"s politics. Prime Minister Tony Blair himself chairs a cabinet committee on the Thames Gateway development, to the east of London. Housing has proved a big factor in Chancellor Gordon Brown’s worries about...

Water in Buildings : An Architect's Guide to Moisture and Mold


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Book DescriptionThe definitive guide to understanding and managing the effects of water on buildings Water in Buildings: An Architect"s Guide to Moisture and Mold is a detailed and highly useful reference to help architects and other design professionals create dry, healthy environments...

Concrete Petrography: A Handbook of Investigative Techniques

Arnold , 1998

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Written by acknowledged experts in the field, "Concrete Petrography" is a unique and invaluable addition to the literature on the material properties of concrete. The book covers all aspects of the petrographic study of hardened concrete and related materials, starting with the selection...

Fundamentals of Construction Estimating


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FUNDAMENTALS OF CONSTRUCTION ESTIMATING 3rd edition includes updated material for preparing construction estimates such as an explanation of how to compile a complete estimate using MC2 ICE* (Interactive Cost Estimating ) software along with a sample version of the software. This book teaches the...

How the World is Housed (Classic Reprint)


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HOW THE WORLD IS HOUSED I. ETRODUCTION THIS book is to be the record of the doings of a party of children who are to tra"el with the author over this big round earth. Each one who reads it is to imagille himself one of the party, and we are to go together over the oceans and across the...

Sulfate Resistance of Blended Cements: With Fly Ash and Natural Pozzolan


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Among the various mechanisms affecting the durability of concrete, external sulfate attack was first identified in the early 1900s, and led to the discovery of sulfate resistant Portland cement (SRPC). Besides SRPC, another way of coping with the problem of sulfate attack is the use of...

Cascade Tunnel


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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The first Cascade Tunnel was a 2.6-mile (4.2 km) long single track railroad tunnel at Stevens Pass through the Cascade Mountains approximately 65 miles (105 km) to the east of Everett, Washington. It was built by the Great Northern Railway in 1900 to...

Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad


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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad (reporting mark CBQ) was a railroad that operated in the Midwestern United States. Commonly referred to as the Burlington or as the Q, the Burlington Route served a large area, including extensive trackage in...

Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad


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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad (C&P) was an American railroad which operated in Western Maryland. Primarily a coal hauler, it was owned by the Consolidation Coal Company, and was absorbed into the Western Maryland Railway (WM) in 1944.



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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! "Golconda" redirects here. For other uses, see Golconda (disambiguation). Golkonda, Building, Town , Hyderabad, Country, India India, Construction Completed 1600s Golkonda Fort Golkonda (or Golconda) Urdu, a ruined city of south-central India...

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