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Kerala : Of Gods and Men (Imago Mundi series)


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Book DescriptionThe music, dance, makeup, and colorful costumes displayed during the religious rituals of the Kerala people are vibrantly exhibited in this collection of photographs taken during moments of great celebration. Kerala"s history as the first Indian state to come into contact with...

Baghdad Truth Lies Within


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Book DescriptionTruth Lies Within tells the story of the people in the ancient city of Baghdad, before, during, and after the war that took place in Iraq in the spring of 2003. It tells the story of the fall of Saddam Hussein"s regime and of the chaos which accompanied the arrival of the...

Goodbye to London


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A decidedly edgy tenor permeated London"s counterculture in the 1970s. Pitched against the backdrop of massive unemployment, racism and IRA bombing campaigns, the city took on a bleak look that informed the aesthetics of Derek Jarman"s first Super-8 films, Homer Sykes" photographs of...

Phil Stern: A Life's Work


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Book DescriptionDrawn to the iconic figures and emblematic events of our age, celebrated photographer Phil Stern has documented World War II soldiers in combat in North Africa and Sicily, the luminous jazz legends of Verve Records, and Hollywood stars living the high life. Collected for the first...

Women to Women : A New Plan for Success and Well-Being from Today's Most Celebrated Women


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Book DescriptionIn this essential book for women, Christina Lessa, a wife, mother, and established photojournalist, has interviewed and photographed nineteen remarkable achievers at the tops of their fields-- from health experts to spiritual leadersto successful businesswomen. Each woman offers her...

This Is War: Witness To Man's Destruction


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Book DescriptionThe lens of Moises Saman, war press photographer for New York Newsday, shows war for what it truly is: pain, destruction, darkness. His pictures show a reality far removed from the mediated productions of television news, the terrifying reality of people living in conflict in...

Japan 1945: A U.S. Marine's Photographs From Ground Zero


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Book DescriptionIn September 1945 Joe O’Donnell was a twenty-three-year-old Marine Corps photographer wading ashore in Japan, then under American occupation. His orders were to document the aftermath of U.S. bombing raids in Japanese cities, including not only Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but also...

John Vachon's America: Photographs and Letters from the Depression to World War II


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Book DescriptionFrom 1936 to 1943, John Vachon traveled across America as part of the Farm Security Administration photography project, documenting the desperate world of the Great Depression and also the efforts at resistance--from strikes to stoic determination. This collection, the first to...

Touch Me I'm Sick


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Amazon.comPicture an image from the grunge movement of the 1990s and odds are it was Charles Peterson who clicked the camera"s shutter. As unofficial photographer of the SubPop record label, Peterson put a face on the scene that began in Seattle and shaped the landscape of popular music. With...

Vineyard Days, Vineyard Nights: The Romance of Martha's Vineyard


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Book DescriptionAward-winning photographer Nancy Ellison offers an intimate glimpse of America"s most fabled vacation island-Martha"s Vineyard. Her romantic photographs capture landmarks such as the beautifully colored Gay Head Cliffs, the bustling farmers" market, weathered...

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World Audience, Inc.
Еврейский музей и центр толерантности

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Charles Peterson
Moises Saman
Sacha Craddock, Peter Cross, Homer Sykes
Giovanna Naldi, Francesca De Palma
Paul Brewer

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