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Please Pay Attention Please: Bruce Nauman's Words : Writings and Interviews (Writing Art)


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Book DescriptionSince the 1960s, the artist Bruce Nauman has developed a highly complex and pluralistic oeuvre ranging from discrete sculpture, performance, film, video, and text-based works to elaborate multipart installations incorporating sound, videorecording and monitors, and architectural...

The President's House (Random House Large Print)


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Book DescriptionAs Margaret Truman knows from firsthand experience, living in the White House can be exhilarating and maddening, alarming and exhausting–but it is certainly never dull. Part private residence, part goldfish bowl, and part national shrine, the White House is both the most...

Dorothea Lange: A Life Beyond Limits

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We all know Dorothea Lange"s iconic photos - the migrant mother holding her child, the shoeless children of the Dust Bowl - but now renowned American historian Linda Gordon brings them to three-dimensional life in this groundbreaking exploration of Lange"s transformation into a...

Bridging Deep South Rivers: The Life and Legend of Horace King


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Book DescriptionHorace King (1807–1885) built covered bridges over every large river in the South from Georgia through Alabama to eastern Mississippi. That King, who began life as a slave in Cheraw, South Carolina, received no formal training makes his story all the more remarkable. This is...

Leonardo da Vinci (Masters of Art)


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Book DescriptionContinuously in print for more than 20 years, Abrams" Masters of Art series has always been known for its exceptional quality and value. Now these classic volumes devoted to the lives and works of the world"s great painters have been newly redesigned and released in...

Strange Colors on the Canvas


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Book DescriptionWithin the depths of the creative mind wanders the traveler, the obscure stranger seeking fulfillment of the artistic soul. Forever searching, ignorant to boundaries and limitations, self-serving, he often blurs the line between brilliance and madness. Strange Colors on the Canvas...

Romance in the Rockies: The Life and Adventures of Catharine and Peter Whyte (Amazing Stories)


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Book DescriptionDo you believe in fate? Catharine and Peter Whyte did. How else would a wealthy East Coast society debutante come to marry a budding artist from Banff? Their courtship is one of the most romantic stories from the Canadian Rockies. Artists, outdoor enthusiasts, and...

Fletcher Benton


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Book DescriptionThe originality, richness and seductiveness of Benton"s sculpture reflects the American contructivist tradition originating with Alexander Calder and David Smith.

Bruno Lucchesi


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Book DescriptionThis book contains many new monumental pieces as well as individual sculptures and major commissions.

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W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.

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Michael Mitchell
Nicholas Roerich
Jane Rogoyska, Patrick Bade
Nigel Whiteley
Michel Butor

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