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Information Extraction: Towards Scalable, Adaptable Systems (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)

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Information extraction (IE) is a new technology enabling relevant content to be extracted from textual information available electronically. IE essentially builds on natural language processing and computational linguistics, but it is also closely related to the well established area of information...

Problem Solving Methods

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This book provides a theory, a formal language, and a practical methodology for the specification, use, and reuse of problem-solving methods. The framework developed by the author characterizes knowledge-based systems as a particular type of software architecture where the applications are...

Intelligent Information Systems 2002

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The book presents selected papers on theorectical and applied intelligent information systems. It reports on progress in theory and applications of broadly understood Artificial Intelligence. This includes: Machine learning, Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Based Systems and Reasoning, Intelligent...

Soft Computing in Textile Sciences

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Textiles and computing have long been associated. High volume and low profit margins of textile products have driven the industry to invest in high technology, particularly in the area of data interpretation and analysis. Thus, it is virtually inevitablethat soft computing has found a home in the...

Iterative Software Engineering for Multiagent Systems: The MASSIVE Method


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The agent metaphor and the agent-based approach to systems design constitute a promising new paradigm for building complex distributed systems. However, until now, the majority of the agent-based applications available have been built by researchers who specialize in agent-based computing and...

Incremental Speech Translation (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)

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This book describes a complete translation system for spontaneously spoken language, constructed using the incremental paradigm. It starts by presenting the theoretical and algorithmic basis necessary to cope with the complex endeavour of translating speech incrementally and in parallel. In...

Internet Commerce and Software Agents: Cases, Technologies and Opportunities

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The Internet is revolutionizing retail merchandising and shopping. Software agents are capable of automating the more routine, tedious and time consuming tasks involved in the trading process, and they may be able to negotiate and make autonomous decisions and commitments on behalf of their owners...

Case-Based Reasoning: Experiences, Lessons, and Future Directions

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Case-based reasoning (CBR) is a flourishing paradigm for reasoning and learning in artificial intelligence, with major research efforts and burgeoning applications extending the frontiers of the field. This book provides an introduction for students as well as an up-to-date overview for experienced...

Soft Computing in Measurement and Information Acquisition (Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing, 127)

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The vigorous development of the internet and other information technologies have significantly expanded the amount and variety of sources of information available on decision making. This book presents the current trends of soft computing applications tothe fields of measurements and information...

Knowledge-Based Intelligent Techniques in Industry

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The successful development and deployment of expert system tools spurred the initial momentum in developing and using intelligent techniques in industry. The brittleness of expert systems and the enormous effort involved in the development and maintenance of knowledge bases prompted researchers to...

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Языки славянской культуры
Едиториал УРСС
Горячая Линия - Телеком

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Jurgen Lind
Erkki Oja, Samuel Kaski
Dieter Fensel
Jay Liebowitz
В. А. Карпов

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