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Forecasting Non-Stationary Economic Time Series (Zeuthen Lectures)

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In their second book on economic forecasting, Michael Clements and David Hendry ask why some practices seem to work empirically despite a lack of formal support from theory. After reviewing the conventional approach to economic forecasting, they look at the implications for causal modeling, present...

Sex, Drugs & Economics: An Unconventional Introduction to Economics

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A refreshing look at economics with topics ranging from sex, drugs, arms and music to energy, movies and farming, the Internet and Aids, Diane Coyle plunges herself and the reader into some of the world"s most contentious political and social issues. Diane Coyle shows how economic principles...

The Dark Side of the Force: Economic Foundations of Conflict Theory

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The central tradition of mainline economics deals with only one way of making a living: namely, producing useful goods and services. But there is another way of getting ahead-- through conflict or the "dark side"--that is by appropriating what others have produced. Logically parallel or...

How Economics Became a Mathematical Science (Science and Cultural Theory)

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In How Economics Became a Mathematical Science E. Roy Weintraub traces the history of economics through the prism of the history of mathematics in the twentieth century. As mathematics has evolved, so has the image of mathematics, explains Weintraub, such as ideas about the standards for accepting...

Deregulatory Takings and the Regulatory Contract: The Competitive Transformation of Network Industries in the United States

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This book addresses deregulatory policies that threaten to reduce or destroy the value of private property in network industries without any accompanying payment of just compensation, policies that are termed "deregulatory takings." The authors further consider the problem of...

The Secret Sins of Economics

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Deirdre McCloskey"s work in economics always calls into question its reputation as "the dismal science." She writes with passion and an unusually wide scope, drawing on literature and intellectual history in exciting, if unorthodox, ways. In this pamphlet, McCloskey reveals what she...

Caring for Economics: An Aristotelian Perspective (Economics as Social Theory)

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This book seeks to bring human caring back into economic theory, attacking assumptions that little attention has to be paid to values since they are merely subjective.

Post-Modernism, Economics and Knowledge (Economics as Social Theory)

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This ground-breaking volume brings together the essays of top theorists including Arjo Klamer, Deirdre McCloskey, Julie Nelson, Shuan Hargreaves-heap and Philip Mirowski on a diverse range of topics such as gender, post-colonial theory, rationality, and modernism.

50 Years A Keynesian and Other Essays

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In the title essay of this classic collection, the author reviews retrospectively his developing ideas on theory and policy since he first encountered Keynes" writings in 1950. The essays in Section One are concerned with Keynes now, specifically the coming back into favor of his most...

Dollars and Change: Economics in Context

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In this clear and engaging book, economist Louis Putterman places the economy and the study of economics in a broad historical and social perspective. He explores the history of the discipline, the history of the modern economy, different perspectiveson the market economy, and the relations...

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Oxford University Press

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Leon A. Petrosyan, David W. K. Yeung, David W.K. Yeung
Dean Baker, Gerald A. Epstein, Robert Pollin
Kaushik Basu
Mario Amendola, Jean-Luc Gaffard
John Christman

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