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Industrial Organization

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Hardbound. Volume 9 is entitled Industrial Organization and is the ninth volume in the series Advances in Applied Microeconomics. This series provides a forum in which researchers may disseminate frontier research in applied microeconomics to include both theoretical and empirical contributions in...

How to Manage Experience Sharing : From Organisational Surprises to Organisational Knowledge


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Book DescriptionThis book has grown from a workshop that brought together researchers and practitioners from a wide range of areas, including the safety domain. The focus of the workshop was on the well-known issue of organisational learning and organisational memory. The special merit of the book...

Contemporary Tourism : Diversity and Change (Tourism Social Science Series)


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Book DescriptionThis volume brings together Cohen"s principle articles on the sociology of tourism, published over the last three decades. Part one Collects his major theoretical papers, starting with the pioneering articles of the 1970"s, which contributed to the opening of the field of...

Patent Activity and Technical Change in US Industries, Volume 272 (Contributions to Economic Analysis)


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Book DescriptionDescription Innovation is universally recognized as an important source of economic growth. Patents may be considered as a potential measure of innovation. As such, patents may alter isoquant maps, and measuring their elasticities is both intuitively and empirically appealing. This...

Handbook of Environmental Economics, Volume 2: Valuing Environmental Changes


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Much applied environmental economics is concerned with the valuation of changes in environmental quality. Obtaining reliable valuation estimates requires attention to theoretical and econometric issues that are often quite subtle. Volume 2 of the "Handbook of Environmental Economics"...

Handbook of International Economics: Volume 2: International Monetary Economics and Finance


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"The later chapters will be an important source for researchers in the area, especially the chapters on micro-analysis of demand for assets, and on empirical work on exchange rates. In all subjects the reader will find a complete record of where research stood in 1983. For that we are...

Trust: Reason, Routine, Reflexivity


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What makes trust such a powerful concept? Is it merely that in trust the whole range of social forces that we know play together? Or is it that trust involves a peculiar element beyond those we can account for? While trust is an attractive and evocative concept that has gained increasing...

Geochemical Anomaly and Mineral Prospectivity Mapping in GIS, Volume 11 (Handbook of Exploration and Environmental Geochemistry)


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The book documents and explains, in three parts, geochemical anomaly and mineral prospectivity mapping by using a geographic information system (GIS). Part I reviews and couples the concepts of (a) mapping geochemical anomalies and mineral prospectivity and (b) spatial data models, management and...

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Woodrow Clark, Ted Bradshaw
Xiaodong (Sheldon) Wang
Marjatta Maula
Edward J. Anthony
Guido Mollering

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